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                          Jack p.o.v
I was okay I judt have to wear a brace on my wrist. I got hit by a car and I only breaks my wrist I'm lucky. Right when Maddie went upstairs Gabbie came in the house.

Jack-What do you want.
Gabbie-Babe are you ok.
Jack-Leave me alone.

She then kissed me then Maddie came down the stairs. She ran back upstairs. I went to the park and sat on the swing I press record on my phone when Gabbie came up to me because Maddie was coming to the park so we can talk. Right when I stood up Gabbie pulled me back down and kissed me then I saw Maddie run. I have to show her the recording. I sent it to Brittney Maddie's best friend.

                       Maddie p.o.v
Brittney-Maddie look
Brittney-Its a recording Jack sent me.

Jack-What are you doing here Gabbie
Gabbie-Sitting with you. Listen Maddie is stupid you don't deserve her you bullied her and now you like her.
Jack-She is better than you. Ok I bullied her because I liked her. That's what I do. I became a fuck boi and regret it and I also regret dating you. She is coming over here bye.

*heard kissing sounds*

Jack-What is wrong with you. You just ruined something I had with Madison this is your fault she's never going to talk to me again.

*Sounds running*

Brittney-He tried to pull away.
Maddie-Why did I like him he bullied me.

I then heard talking.

Logan-You bullied Maddie.
Jack-Its was because....
Jack-I liked her.....I knew she will never like me back but honestly I feel bad
Logan-then talk to her
Jack-I tried and last time I tried to bully her to prove I didn't like her I kissed her.

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