Chapter 18: Tell Me, How Much Would It Take For You To Leave My Son?

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Su Jian felt as if he were in a dream right up until the moment he got into the car.

Being reborn into a woman who was his damned love rival’s wife was bad enough. Now he would also have to wage a grudge-filled war between a wealthy mother-in-law and daughter-in-law! What was up with this curse-inducing melodramatic fate of his?! He was just a normal manly man! Ah! Why did he have to be involved in such strange circûmstances? Ah! An Yize, where are you? Come back quickly and save me, damn you!

Su Jian saw the scenery outside the car window transform from skyscrapers and high-rises into verdant mountain views and a large decorative gate.

The gate opened, and the car continued moving along the path. The suit-clad man got the wheelchair ready before coming over to open the car door for him, “Young mistress, we’re here.”

Su Jian got out of the car, then hopped over to the wheelchair and sat down by himself, looking all around.

Ah! This house was a villa properly the size of half a mountain! This imposing exterior! This immense garden! The rich are really and truly loathsome creatures!

After sending Su Jian into the living room on the first floor, the suit-clad men withdrew. Su Jian was on guard, but being on guard for one minute, two minutes, three minutes… many minutes later, Su Jian had yet to see the person he was being on guard against.


Where…. Where was everyone? Where was his Elder Rong? How come it’s been forever and no one even paid him any attention?

In the beginning, Su Jian had remained silently waiting, but after waiting for a while and not even seeing a hint of a person, he felt that things seemed to be a bit strange. His nervous apprehension gradually disappeared. As he slowly relaxed, he simply started to look around from sheer boredom.

Ah! A wealthy family’s mansion! In this lifetime, he’d only ever seen something like this on TV!

Su Jian enjoyed looking all over the place with pleasure, completely forgetting his previous nervousness. When he finished checking out the place to his complete satisfaction, Su Jian also felt somewhat tired. As he saw that the couch in the middle appeared to be so comfortable, Su Jian unceremoniously climbed up and sat on it. After sitting quietly for a while, the consequences of staying up late the night before watching movies became all too apparent. He started to feel sleepy, then slowly became unable to hold himself up. Finally, he offhandedly laid on the couch and fell asleep.

As he woke up, he felt someone pulling on his arm.

“Wake up! Get up, you!”

Su Jian opened his eyes and saw that a woman had appeared in front of him at some unknown time. Based on her manner of dress, she seemed pretty graceful and polished, all except for her expression which didn’t look very good.

Su Jian rubbed his eyes, then sat up. He squinted as he looked around. He began to recall what had happened then looked over the middle-aged lady in front of him. Suddenly, his senses came online: Is this lady possibly Elder Rong?

Su Jian trembled with fear inside for a instant, then carefully sized up this enemy. Say, An Yize’s mom is pretty good-looking! Ah! When she was young she definitely had to have been a great beauty. Even now, she’s still not bad to look at. She didn’t look like a thirty-year-old man’s mom at all. Ah! She’s really good at taking care of herself!

Mother An saw him staring straight at her and immediately glared, “What are you looking at?”

Su Jian honestly said, “Auntie, ma’am, you’re really pretty and also really young.”

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