Chapter 17: Young Mistress, Madam Requests You Make A Visit

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When Su Jian felt An Yize’s forehead, he discovered that An Yize’s fever had broken. An Yize’s complexion was no longer so sickly, so Su Jian judged that An Yize was mostly cured by now.

“This is the medication that Dr. Zhang gave you. You need to take them on time yourself.” Su Jian got up and pointed out the medicine standing at the head of the bed. He paused to think, then looked at An Yize with an evil smile, “You wouldn’t be scared of shots as well as bitter medicine, right? Do you want me to prepare some candy for you?”

An Yize looked at him, “If I said I was afraid, would you be happy?”

Su Jian’s eyes crinkled, “How could that be? I…”

“Oh.” An Yize calmly said, “No, I’m not afraid of it.”

Su Jian: “……”

When An Yize finished the nourishing meal Su Jian had learned how to make from the internet, the two of them sat in the living room and watched TV.

An Yize didn’t want to return to his room because he’d already slept the whole afternoon away. On the other hand, Su Jian stayed because he’d eaten too much and was lazing on the couch digesting while playing on his cell phone.

“Ha! Let me read you a joke!” Su Jian was looking at the cell phone and cheerfully read out, “I was just gossiping with a good friend. She said her husband went to work in Pakistan. I asked her if she was worried about her husband working away from home. And she said she wasn’t.”

“They say that some male coworker in her hubby’s work team had a wife and kids back home. While he was in Pakistan, he had an affair and the woman got pregnant. The woman’s family then went to the Chinese embassy. Thus, a simple affair became an international incident. After that, the male swine was forcibly delivered back to the country, and forced to get a divorce, forced to give up his citizenship, forced to get a Pakistani citizenship, and forced to change his religion.”

“In the end, he had to stay in Pakistan… Hence, before any male employee at my friend’s hubby’s company goes on assignment to Pakistan, the team lead will always light a cigarette and tell this legend of a brother who exchanged his life for an extramarital affair.”

“Hahaha! This brother is so pitiful! I’m going to die from laughter! Hahahaha!”

Su Jian laughed as he read, then struggled to ask, “Isn’t it funny?”

An Yize looked at him rolling about on the couch laughing, and then couldn’t keep the corner of his lips from turning up, “It’s funny.”

Su Jian laughed so hard he couldn’t catch his breath. With much difficulty, he calmed down and continued to browse on his phone. Not long after, he made another sound, “Eh?”

An Yize glanced at him, “What happened?”

“A piece of entertainment gossip. It says that movie star Ji is going to get married.

An Yize reflexively froze. A while later he said in a seemingly indifferent manner, “Is that so?”

Su Jian was actually unaware of his unusual reaction and continued ecstatically saying, “They say she’s marrying into a wealthy family. Let me see! Li family’s second son… Oh! Oh! It’s that super wealthy spoiled rich kid, Li Mingyi! This time Ji Yan caught herself a really big fish!”

Su Jian stretched his legs then languidly said, “Speaking of Ji Yan… she’s truly beautiful, her acting’s pretty good, and there aren’t that many rumors of sex scandals being spread about her, which is considered pretty rare. However, if one is to survive in the entertainment industry in this day and age, how could one truly be a white lotus[1]? I heard that in the beginning, Ji Yan also started her career under the tacit rules of the industry, she also had a patron for the past few years. It’s just that no one knows who her sugar daddy is… Ah! What are you doing?”

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