Chapter 16: Our Yize Is The Bravest!

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Zhang Qingyuan arrived not long after the phone call with Ji Mingfei.

Su Jian hurriedly welcomed him in. After a casual chat, Su Jian learned that Dr. Zhang was the An family’s private physician. Su Jian couldn’t help but be filled with a torrent of silent curses: The rich really attract enmity!

Dr. Zhang thoroughly examined An Yize. Then informed Su Jian that An Yize really did have a fever and a cold. Then wrote a prescription for An Yize. Su Jian looked at An Yize who was still in a befuddled state and said, “His fever is really high. Can it really be taken care of with medicine alone?”

Dr. Zhang smilingly said, “Of course, a shot is better and also has a much faster effect, but even back when he was a child, young master has never liked getting shots, and would only take medicine.”

Haha! It turns out An Yize is actually afraid of shots! Su Jian was amused. He shifted his eyes, and a ruse was born, “If that’s so, then we should give him a shot! His temperature is so high; we might as well get his fever broken faster and set everyone’s mind at rest!”


Su Jian interrupted Dr. Zhang’s protest, “It’s okay. He isn’t a little kid. He’s a big adult already; its not like he can’t tell the difference between good and bad. You just need to strike… uh… get to work, that’s all.”

Dr. Zhang was still a bit hesitant, but Su Jian was adamant. Also, the request wasn’t troublesome; he only needed to simply take one stab at his buttocks. Dr. Zhang could only agree. When Su Jian saw An Yize get his pants pulled down revealing his buttocks, he couldn’t help but be joyously amused.

Dr. Zhang looked up to command, “Young mistress, please help hold young master down.”

Right when Su Jian was about to mock An Yize, the sound of “young mistress” astounded him. Su Jian almost fell headlong onto An Yize.

Because the disturbance was too great, An Yize seemed to have surfaced into consciousness. Bewildered, he looked up, “What… are… you… doing?”

When Su Jian saw him wake up, he was very happy. He felt that it would make his mocking more effective so Su Jian hurriedly held him tight as he comfortingly said to him, “It’s nothing. We’re just going to help cure your illness.”

An Yize frowned as he looked around. When he started to realize what was going on, his face turned rebellious, “I don’t… get shots!”

Su Jian beamed as he looked at him, “Without a shot, your fever won’t go down so you have to do it!”

An Yize started to struggle, but he was helplessly weak from being sick and was unable to free himself. Su Jian held him down with great force and coaxed, “Don’t be scared! Don’t be scared! It won’t hurt at all.”

An Yize continued to struggle, but how would Su Jian let him escape? Su Jian was only temporarily stronger than An Yize and couldn’t help being far far smaller in size than him. As a result, Su Jian could only use his whole strength to hold him in an embrace. Su Jian hastily coaxed, “Our Yize is the bravest! Be good! Listen! Quickly stop flailing around and let the doctor give you a shot.” On the other hand, Su Jian was about to die laughing on the inside.

Their faces were close together. Su Jian held An Yize while she coaxed at and tempted him. Her lips would sweep across An Yize’s skin from time to time. An Yize glanced at her, then slowly stopped struggling.

Su Jian grinned from ear to ear, “Good boy, so obedient.”

Dr. Zhang laughed beside them as he said, “Young master and young mistress have such a good relationship.”

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