(32) IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! [Part 2]

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This is all your fault..

The sentence kept repeating itself inside your head.

Your fault..? What did you do..?

It's all your fault..

Your fault..

Wait, who's fault?

The voice was familiar. But you can't put your tongue to it.


You gasped and sat up, beads of sweat running down on your face. Breathing heavily, you put a hand on your racing heart and felt how fast it was thumping.

After calming down, you realized that you were in a white room. There were sounds of beeping so you turned your head to the source of the sound.

A beeping monitor?

"Am I in a hospital?" You questioned yourself out loud.

"What did I do?"


"Who even am I?" You panicked.

You quickly touched your hair and glanced at it.


A mirror was on the desk near you so you grabbed it and looked at your eyes.


"I'm a girl with (H/c) hair and (E/c) eyes." You muttered to yourself, aware that it sounded dumb.

Of course it sounds dumb, but you were in this situation, what choice would you have anyways?

Suddenly, a nurse with brown hair (that was tied in a bun) came inside while holding a clipboard. She was staring at it while reading the information she needed to know.

You were staring at her with curious eyes that made her glance at you for a split second before staring at you again completely bewildered.

Lisa, (you read her name tag), dashed out of the room with wide eyes while screaming; "Doctor! She's awake!!"

You shrugged like it was nothing and laid down.

This is going to be a loooong day.

* * *

Moments later, a doctor came in with another clipboard. She smiled at you once she noticed your gaze.

"Hello Miss (L/n). I am Doctor Sung Soo In. You can call me Doctor Soo In." She smiled politely and sat on a chair that was near your bed. (anyone know which K-Drama this name is in? c:)

"Am I Miss (L/n)?" You questioned, confused, and pointed to yourself.

The doctor nodded. "Yes. Yes you are."

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