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I lifted my nose above my warm fluffy covers and sniffed again. Yup, there was no mistaking it. It was definitely there; I groaned loudly and slumped my head against my pillow again. Letting the delicious smell of sausage and bacon fat fill my lungs. Why? Why were they doing this to me, it was so unfair. I sighed and imagined them sitting there, waiting for me to crack. I lay there warm and comfy pondering the most important question of my life:

Should I carrying sleeping or get up for a full English breakfast on a Saturday morning?

I groaned loudly as I stumbled out of my warm covers and pulled on my fluffy slippers, glancing back longingly at my king size bed I sighed before padding softly through my room and into my bedroom suite foyer and along the glass corridor.

I stared out across the Thames and at the beautiful skyline of London, everything was perfect as usual. The birds were flying swiftly through the low clouds, swarms of people had already gathered on the streets, the grey sky threatened rain as usual! London, this was my home and I had that cliche perfect life, my parents were crazy rich, I was miss popular at my school, everyone knew me and wanted to be me. I had the hot and popular boyfriend, but I hated it. Everything was so fake, it was too perfect I guess. I would find myself staring across at the nerd table at school, seeing them chat about books and laughing at how stupid and fake we were; we were completely fake and I agreed with everything I heard them say. I just wish I could-

"BROOKEY WOOKEY!!!!" a deep voice teased from behind me, there was only person this could be!

"CALVY-BEARY!" I teased back while throwing my trade mark smirk at my idiotic brother. He had no top on and was showing off his 6 pack that he was so proud of! "seriously Cal, put some clothes on!" I carried on teasing him, he just smirked widely at me while ruffling up his already messy blonde hair.

"How was your night then squirt?" he asked genuinely, this was what I loved about my brother. He was the mr. popular in his year, the biggest player and captain of the football team, just like the male version of me, but when it came to it we were close as could be. We both changed from our normal icy cool exteriors and became warm, loving people when it came to each other. I guess that's what happens when you hardly ever see your parents, my 5 maids feel more like family then my parents do; and I know Calvin feels the same.

"It was good I guess, I am still tired though" I yawned while rubbing my eyes. "But-" I started, but Calvin ended my sentence.

"But the only reason your up is because it's a full English breakfast, we know Brooke, we all know." He smirked at me with his trademark smirk, so I threw mine back.

"sometimes I think you know me too well Cal" I thought out loud, whilst we entered the huge glass double doors into the kitchen.

"Well thats because I do" he said suddenly seriously, I just sighed, the smell of eggs took over everything. FOOD! I loved the stuff, I just ate and ate and ate and to Calvin's amusement and all my friends annoyance, I was still beautifully thin! Oh I do have the perfect life I thought happily as I stuffed more sausage into my mouth and Maribella passed me my famous Vanilla spice tea with 2 sugars, it was the only tea I drank and I was addicted to the stuff!

"So, Maribella what are you up to today?" I asked genuinely facing my maid (but more like my mum) as she turned more bacon in the pan.

"Erm... Well sweetie, well...." she stumbled again

"just say it Mari" Calvin chuckled and I just smiled.

"We need to talk about something" a deep voice said smoothly, I would know that voice anywhere! I spun round on my stool to look questioningly at my dad. Why on earth was he home? He was never home at this time of day! He leaves for work at 6am! I turned to Calvin and he was wearing the same lost expression.

"D-dad? What happened? Is mum hurt? Why are you here?" I stuttered slightly, pushing my silky soft long golden waves over my shoulder and swinging my long legs nervously.

"just say it dad." Calvin said harshly, he hated the way dad and mum treated us, never being around to look after me.

"Erm... Well, you see." he clears his throat and then carried on "there is a new branch of our bank opening and as the owners of the bank your mother and I have to be there to oversee it." He mumbled nervously

I opened my mouth to ask where it was, we're we going to move? But Calvin beat me to it.

"So where is it then?" Calvin spit through his teeth.

"It's in china." He said sadly, "but we can't take you two there" he mumbled.

China? What the hell did he mean we weren't going with them?

"Can't? Or won't?" I asked bitterly. Dad's eyes widened in shock at my sudden hate. But I wasn't going to put up with this Second-rate business.

"CAN'T!" Dad yelped angrily, "your going to live in California with your aunt." he stated simply.

"for how long?" calvin Calvin questioned

"as long as it takes. We can't help that, you leave in 3 days time. So you should get packing now." he just stared at us and walked out the room.

I felt tears in my eyes but I held them back. This was my fault completely I should never have thought I didn't like my life! I don't want to move, I'm happy here. I glanced over at Calvin who was staring at me worriedly.

I couldn't take it anymore, I ran out the kitchen and to the front door. " BROOKE! Stop, your only wearing pyjamas!" Calvin called at me, I just threw him a smirk and ran into the elevator.

The tears had already escaped.


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