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                       Maddie p.o.v
When I woke up and got ready Jack came upstairs and started to back me into the wall. I didn't know what he was up to. 

Ava-Jack what are you doing?
Jack-I don't know.

We looked at each other's eyes and I thought his eyes were black nope I can see brown.

Ava-Jack, Jack.
Jack-I hate your guts. 
Maddie-I-I can't.

Then we kissed. It was amazing. Ava was just standing there. We then pulled away.

Ava-I thought you were supposed to bully her.
Jack-I can't do it.
Maddie-Thank you.
Jack-No problem.

OMFG I had feelings for Jack but Daniel was also kind of cute what no he pushed me in the lake 2 weeks ago.( 😂😂 something is wrong with me.)

Jack walked out of the house. He never fails. 

                        Jack p.o.v
I never fail. I told myself i wouldn't get attached to a girl. I gor pulled out of my thoughts but getting hit by something. I saw Maddie running to me.

Doctor-Are you his family?
Maddie-His girlfriend?
Doctor-Get in.

I was in a white room. I still dont know what I got hit by.

                   Maddie p.o.v
I ran out of the hospital room and got stopped by Daniel.

Daniel-This is all your fault.

I ran and got in an uber. After about 20 minutes.

Maddie-What is love?
Women-Its were your with them all the time you think about then 24/7 you care for them you want to know what their doing right now.
Maddie-I have to go to him.
Women-Go to him.

I ran out of the car and to the hospital I only saw Corbyn and Jonah in there. I ran in their went to Jack and kissed him it was a good 15 minutes if you ask me.

Corbyn-You couldn't do it could you?
Jack-No I couldn't.
Corbyn-What happened instead?
Jack+Maddie-We made out for 30 minutes. While Ava was standing there.

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