Chapter 13

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I walk towards my room and let myself fall on the bed. I was still trying to figure out why Alec his uncle was after me. I was more curious what made him evil and why no one has pronounced anything of him. I wanted to know everything.

I stood up from my bed and walked over to Jace his room. If I wanted answers than my brother would be the only one to answer them. I saw some shadow hunters walking all over the place and glare at me. I looked away from them and knocked on the door.

"I am busy!" I heard Jace shout and I sighed. Damn you.

"Okay." I said and wanted to walk away but I heard him opening the door.

"Oh sorry, Clary. What is it?" He asked me while he let me walk inside his room.

I thought he was busy.

His room was even bigger than mine and to be honest I was jealous. He had a lot of space.

"I wanted to ask about Agramon. Alec his uncle." I said and I didn't saw any shocked expression on his face, which made me think that he was expecting me to ask this.

"You may want to sit down." Jace said and I nodded and sat down on the couch and he sat next to me.

"Agramon is the uncle of Alec and Izzy and father of Liz. Agramon never wanted to be a shadow hunter. He fooled everyone by being a part of the clave and betrayed all of us." Jace said and stopped for a while to catch his breath and he looked over at me. I was listening and I wanted to know who he was and why he was doing what he was doing.

"He injected himself with demon blood, which made him half shadow hunter and half demon. His angelic powers are mixed with demon blood, which made him pure evil and strong because of those powers he can command any kind of demon. He is their king. The king of the shadow and demon world." Jace explained me further and I started to feel afraid.

They wanted me to defeat such a evil person and not to mention Alec's uncle. I looked down, in order for me to not show Jace that I was afraid. I do not want to come over weak. Jace already has the habit to protect me from everything, even though I didn't need it sometimes.

"How am I suppose to stop him?" I asked him and looked over at Jace. I saw how sorry he was feeling for me and how worried he was and to be honest, I was worried too. How was I going to defeat someone who is half shadow hunter and half demon? I can't even fight yet.

"This is not all on you. You have me. I will be fighting with you until the end, even if it means my end." He said and I quickly shook my head. I lost my father, not my brother.

"No, Jace. Promise me you will never leave me." I begged him and Jace sighed. I think it was normal for him to be life threatened by something in his daily life. I mean it was his job but it was not normal for me and I will never accept the fact that he will do anything for me, including dying. I will never let that happen.

"Clary, I promise you I will never leave you but when it comes to you I can't promise nothing." He said and sighed. He gave me a small smile and then hugged me. I let out a big deep sigh and hugged him back.

Even I would do anything for Jace. I would choose him over me and it will be selfish of me to ask him to choose himself over me if I don't do the same. I know that when it comes to him I will do anything.

I don't even know how to explain our bond. It was strong. It was like I could sense him. I felt always safe with him and I knew I had some connection to him. It made me realise that I knew him when I was a baby. We may were small but our connection still remained the same.

I smiled knowing that I had someone who would always look out for me. I knew Simon would do the same but Jace... He was my brother.

I sighed as I remembered Simon again. I missed him so much but I knew I couldn't drag him in this. It was too dangerous. I would never forgive myself if something would have happened to him.

Someone walks in our room and Jace and I both look up while we both stand up. We face Isabelle.

"We have a mission. All four of us." She said and Jace looked over at me.

"But she has no experience in this kind of work. It will be dangerous for her." Jace said and I shook my head but Isabelle sighed.

"It is on my mother's order and besides that she will learn something. She can't always just sit down." Izzy said and I smiled at her. She looked at me and smiled while Jace looked down defeated by Isabelle.

"Okay." Jace agreed and I smiled. We all walked over to the room. There were loads of weapons. Seraph blades included. Alec was already standing there with his arrow and bow and looked surprised over at us, mainly at me.

"She is not coming with us." Alec said and I frowned at him.

"And why is that?" I challenged him and he laughed.

"Little girls do not get to play on real life missions. Go to your room." Alec said and I scoffed.

"My name is not little girl and I can do a lot more than you realise. Remember?" I asked and looked over at his hand. He sighed annoyed and walked away from me, not really caring if I would go or not.

"Take this." Jace said and handed me over a seraph blade. I smiled at him and honestly I didn't even knew how to use this but I was to ashamed to admit it to anyone and especially Alec.

We all walked outside and Alec looked once at me but then again looked over at his little sister Izzy.

"What is happening?" He asked.

"Vampires are attacking mundanes." Izzy said and I didn't really knew how to react or what to do. We all ran towards a grave yard and I wasn't really sure why. I didn't even knew what was happening this was all new to me and I was frightened.

We stopped for a while,

"Izzy come with me and Alec you stay with her and do not lose your sight of her." Jace said and Alec sighed and rolled his eyes, not really amused by what Jace told him to do. Neither was I, I wanted to avoid this boy forever. I mean he always makes me angry on purpose. Izzy and Jace disappeared and I looked over at Alec.

"Do you even know how to use one?" He asked me and I shook my head.

"Go on, make fun of me." I said annoyed and he smiled and shook his head. He walked over at me and stood behind me and grabbed the seraph blade while I was holding it.

"Follow my instructions." Alec commanded and I nodded. He made the seraph blade move and it went faster then Alec actually moved it. Is their some kind of power in it? I mean we all own some magic in us.

"It's easy you see." He said and he was right. It was easier than I thought. I saw something moving which made me flinch and Alec quickly took his arrow and bow and was directing at the noise where it was coming over and let his arrow fly in that direction. I quietly, not even breathing was waiting for the person to reveal themselves.

A guy ran towards us and I quickly tried to stab it but I failed. The guy held my neck and Alec ran towards us and took my seraph blade and stabbed it. The guy smiled and pushed Alec away.

"Alec!" I yelled and the guy looked over at me. He was pale, too pale. He was a vampire. No wonder why he didn't die when Alec stabbed him. I looked over at Alec, who was laying on the ground. He hit him hard. I started to get angry and the vampire looked at me and was smirking.

His face came closer to my neck and I squeezed my eyes closed. The vampire started to scream and burned up in flames when I saw another unknown girl stabbing the vampire.

"You must be crazy to stab the vampire in the stomach. Always go for the heart." She said and I looked in confusion at her. Where did she came from? When she saw the confusion on my face she smiled at me.

"Sorry for not introducing myself. I am Liz, Liz Lightwood." She said and my eyes widened. She was Alec his cousin.


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