Broken Bottles And Broken Hearts

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" Ugh you kids grow up too fast!!" Mom said as she was helping Lucas, Brooke and I into putting our things in the car. She was driving us to the university since it was a pretty long ride. We giggled softly at her and got inside the car. " Ready??" Mom asked, getting inside the drivers seat. We nodded our heads with excited grins. Music was playing on the radio as we sang along and danced. After a long ass ride, We finally arrived at the university. I hopped out from the car while gazing at the tall building in front of me.


" Oh Hey Rommie!! I'm Vanessa but you can call me Van!!" A girl with short wavy pink hair spoke as soon as I opened my dorm room. Wow she has pink hair!!. That's sooo cool. Wild but cool. I smiled gently at her and extended my hand out to shake. " I'm jane." I introduced myself as she looked at me while trying to hold back a smile. What. Did I do something wrong?. I didn't or did I??!! God!!. " Oh come here!! We're gonna be roommates!! We might as well just skip the formalities!!" She exclaimed, Wrapping me in a hug.

" Oh Ok I guess..." I mumbled softly and hugged her back. She let go of me with a grin and turned around. " So This is my bed and this is yours." She told me while gesturing to her bed then another bed beside hers. I nodded my head and sat down on my bed. " Well I'm gonna go hang with some friends and let you get settled in. Oh and if you're interested, There's a party tonight at a house near by. You should come." She offered while putting on her shoes.

" Uh I don't know. Parties are not really my thing..." I explained to her as she went to the bedside table and wrote something down on a notebook before ripping it and handing it to me. " Well here's my number if you change your mind. See ya." She spoke, winking at me and heading out. I shrugged my shoulders and slipped the small paper into my pocket. I flopped down on my bed and took out my phone. I called Lucas and Brooke and told them to meet me in front of the building.

I then called Charlotte and Dylan and informed them too. " Hey guys." I greeted once I stood beside Lucas and Brooke. " Oh why hello there fellow college student and best friend." Lucas replied with a grin plastered on his face. I knitted my eyebrows and shook my head at his weirdness. " Hey munchkin. Did you miss me??" A voice spoke in my ear as I felt arms wrapping around my waist. I jumped and yelped slightly but relaxed when I realized it's Charlotte.

" Charlie!! You scared me the hell out of me!!" I groaned softly and rested my hands over hers. " I'm sowwy." She apologized, kissing my cheek softly. I chuckled slightly at her cuteness and leaned back on her. " You guys are too cute. You're gonna make me puke rainbows. " Lucas said with a hand on his heart. We all laughed at him and started walking around. After a while, We found a café and decided to try it. Yes. They have a Café. Isn't it awesome??.

They all ordered coffee while I ordered a milk shake. " So I heard there was a party tonight!!!" Lucas exclaimed excitedly while looking between us. " Yeah My roommate told me it's being held at a house near by." I spoke as I took a sip from my milk shake. " What time are we going??" Lucas asked with a grin. " Never o'clock." I replied with a straight face. He furrowed his eyebrows and stared at me with wide eyes. " What?? Whyyyyyy??!" He whined, throwing his hands in the air in frustration.

" Because It's our first day and I don't think we should go to a party on our first day." I explained to him with a look. " But everyone is going to that party!!. I heard it's gonna be really fun!!! Besides classes don't start until monday!!" He replied. I mean he was right. It is Friday today. But I still don't think we should go. " Let's see who actually wants to go. If you want to go to that party, raise your hand. " I spoke to them as Lucas immediately raised his hands.

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