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Everything was quiet. Clouds filled the sky with darkness. I looked down at what I had just done. FireFang was dead. I had finally done what I had always wanted to do. But I felt.... guilty and sad. I had always wanted to stop the fighting and bloodshed, but I had just killed someone. And although FireFang had hurt me, he was also the reason I am a Dragon Shifter. I felt so bad, but this was the only way for peace. "I'm sorry..." I whispered to him and I even held tears in my eyes.

A single beam of sunlight shone through the clouds and lit up the small island. Soon the clouds drifted away and the sun shone clearly once more. I looked up and saw both Gunnar and Kai running over to me. I shifted into my human self as they reached me. Kai immediately hugged me. "Are you okay?" I asked. "Yes I'm fine, but are you?" Kai asked. I pulled away and nodded. I glanced down at Fireball. So did Kai. Fireball was not breathing. Kai dropped to the ground by his dragon and laid his hands on him. "Kai, I'm so sorry..." I said softly as I knelt down next to him. "Why? Why did he have to die? He was such a great dragon" Kai said in a wobbly voice. "He was a fantastic dragon! He saved my life and was always there for me. And he loved you Kai, more than anything" I said as I put a hand on my brothers shoulder. Kai sniffled, but managed a slight smile. "Can I have a moment alone?" Kai asked. "Of course" I said as I got up and walked away.

I approached Gunnar. "Destiny..." Gunnar started saying. "Don't bother!" I snapped as I walked past him. "Please! Just listen to me..." Gunnar pleaded. I sighed and turned around. "I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you and your sister. But I want you to know that I never chose to leave..." Gunnar said. "Maybe you didn't choose to leave, but you did many other bad things!" I said. "I know, but it was all I knew..." Gunnar replied. "And what about Kai? How come I never knew about him?" I asked. "Kai is only a year younger then you. He was meant to stay with you and you mother, but he was there when the chief kidnapped me. The chief was worried he would tell someone so he sent him along with me..." Gunnar explained. I let out a deep breath as Kai walked over to us. "I'm sorry about your dragon son" Gunnar said gently. "You never cared!" Kai yelled. "Listen you two, I know I made many mistakes in my life, but I want to fix them. Tell me, how can I make this up to you?" Gunnar said. "You can't! Right Destiny?" Kai said as he glanced at me. "Actually, maybe you can..." I muttered. "What?" Kai asked with shock. "At least temporarily. Hand over the dragon hunters to me!" I demanded. "Done" Gunnar replied. "Learn to work with dragon, not use them" I said. "Fine" Gunnar said with a sigh. "Are you insane?" Kai asked me. "I lost all sanity long ago, now I'm just living on instinct..." I replied as I started walking down the beach. "But seriously, just trust me" I added quickly.

Not long later I was looking down at a little raft of sticks we had built. I shifted into a Singetail and gently picked up both Fireball and FireFang. I flew over to the raft and placed them on it. "I'm sorry. May you both live on in Valhalla" I whispered. I pushed the raft out to sea then landed by Kai and Gunnar. I looked up at Kai who nodded. I sucked in a deep breath and felt a fireball burning in my throat. I let it fly. It hit the little raft which soon went up in flames. I shifted into my human self and we watched the little funeral come to an end.

"Okay, let's get going!" Gunnar said. I nodded and shifted into a Thunderdrum. Both Kai and Gunnar climbed onto my back and I took off into the air. I flew through the clouds, past the base and towards Hole Island. I flew through the gap in the tunnel and spotted the little cave and ledge. I landed on the ledge and let with the boys get off my back before shifting into my human self. I heard a deep growl and both Razorwhips came rushing over to me. "Easy there, it's just me" I laughed. Firefly and Eclipse stopped growling and started nuzzling me instead.

"What's going on?" Runa asked as she walked over, "oh Thor, Destiny!" "Destiny?" Squealed an excited voice. I saw Autumn run out of the cave and charge at me. She jumped at me happily and I caught her. I hugged my little sister tight in my arms. "Who are they?" Runa asked as she glared at the other two. "This is Runa, she is a friend of Autumn and mine. And this is my little sister Autumn" I told the boys. I put Autumn down and walked over to Kai. "This is our brother Kai and our birth father Gunnar" I told the girls. Kai smiled warmly. Autumn ran over and hugged Kai. I grinned happily. "Aren't you the dragon hunter?" Runa asked as she picked up a stone and started sharpening her sword whilst glaring at Gunnar. "Former dragon hunter... from now on" Gunnar replied nervously. "Gunnar, this is Autumn" I said as I walked her over to him. Gunnar knelt down. "Autumn... Your beautiful. I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you, but I am here now" Gunnar said. Autumn looked up at me nervously and I gave her a reassuring nod. She let out a sigh then walked over and shook hands with Gunnar. "This is my dragon, Eclipse" Autumn said as Eclipse started sniffing Gunnar. "And mine is Firefly. They are quick and deadly, so don't try anything" Runa added.

I backed away, leaving Autumn with the boys and approached Runa. "What are you going to do now?" Runa asked. "I'm going to dismiss the dragon hunters and then... find a new home. You are welcome to come with us if you want, I mean, you are a part of our family now" I offered with a grin. "Thank you, but no. I have my own island filled with my other family. I came here to reunite you and Autumn and that's what I did" Runa said as she smiled at Autumn. "That's true. Well, good luck and thank you for everything, especially looking after Autumn when I couldn't" I smiled. Runa nodded then approached Kai, Gunnar and Autumn. "If you hurt any of my friends I will get my dragon to hunt you down and then I will personally cut of your head!" Runa hissed at Gunnar. Then she turned to Kai. "Although I don't really know you, I've heard good things. I'm sure I can trust you" she said. Then she smiled and hugged Autumn. "Im so happy that we found Destiny. Take care of Eclipse and be safe" she said. I looked up at Eclipse and Firefly. I shifted into a light grey Razorwhip. I explained everything to them then shifted back and let them say goodbye to each other. Me, Autumn and Runa all hugged once more. Eventually Runa climbed onto Firefly's back. "Goodbye everyone!" She said happily. "Goodbye!" We all called back. I hugged Autumn and we all watched as Runa and Firefly flew out of the tunnels and away into the light blue sky. "What now?" Autumn asked. "I'm going to make things right. But that's tomorrow, now we need to sleep" I replied. So we slept. Well, everyone else slept, but not me. I had an uneasy feeling about the uncertainty of what would happen next. And rightfully so...

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