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Ophelia Jones was now in her sixth year at Hogwarts. She never really made any actual friends. Of course she had those purebloods she grew up with who'd always smile at her in the hallway, but besides from that she usually stayed on her own, painting whatever or whoever she could.

The same couldn't be said for Sirius though, he and James stayed friends, the two of them picked up another pair, known by the names of Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew.

The four of them were notorious throughout the school, everyone knew who they were for their pranks. They started calling themselves, 'The Marauders' and it caught on.

Whenever Ophelia would see the four of them around school it would make her depressed, for her and Sirius never spoke anymore. It used to be her that would make him laugh like that. In a way that also made her angry.

It was her own fault really. And she knew that. She had no right to be angry. He was the one who approached her asking to still be friends that night. She was the one who blatantly ignored him, but she had to.

One of those times was now. They were in defense against the dark arts class, learning about Boggarts, they were meant to learn this in third year but that never happened as their teacher mysteriously entered to forbidden forrest to never be seen again.

The Slytherins have always taken DADA with the Gryffindors.

Professor Merrythought told everybody to line up, of course the marauders all rushed to the front, all except for one Remus Lupin who lurked at the back near Ophelia.

She didn't know what she was scared of, and thats what worried her.

When it was the marauders turn, Peter was the first to go up. His boggart turned into a group of seventh year girls all laughing at him, after he said the spell they all turned into bobble head figures.

Next was James, his boggart was awfully boring, it was simply him being told he was kicked off of the Gryffindor quidditch team by Professor Mcgonagall, he didn't change her but simply made her hat into the Sorting Hat - spewing jokes at everyone in earshot.

Then it was Sirius, no one really knew what to expect, he always acted as though he feared nothing. Then a familiar face appeared, it was Walburga Black, screaming at him about how disgraceful he was, to say people were shocked would be an understatement. Everyone saw how Sirius' face changed from laughing with his friends to as pale as Sir Nicholas.

It wasn't before long when Sirius long face turned into an angry form as he shouted "Riddikulus"

Walburga's fancy wizard clothes turned into those of which you see muggle clowns wearing, her wrinkled skin was coated with clown makeup and she started honking a horn as everyone started laughing.

Ophelia didn't know how to feel about this, of course the way Walburga treats Sirius is wrong, but she grew up with Walburga being like a second mother to her. She quickly shook off these feelings as it was soon to be her turn.

"Miss Jones! Step up, step up!" Professor Merrythought said cheerily.

Ophelia didn't know what to expect, can a boggart turn into my self-pitty abandonment issues?

She took a deep breath and stepped up, it took a moment for the boggart to change, and when it did she was shocked. It turned into Edward and Cordelia Jones. Why was it her parents? She loves her parents?

It wasn't until they opened their mouths when she realised.

"You're a disgrace to this family!" her mother screamed, "when we heard about Sirius Black being in Gryffindor we were thankful our daughter was as great as the rest of us!"

"But we were wrong!" her father carried on, "You're just as bad as that boy, just like your stupid brother! A disgusting, vile, disgraceful, un-honourable-"

"Riddikulus!" she exclaimed tears threatening to escape her eyes.

She turned around to face the rest of her class mates, a tear slipped as her eyes caught those of Sirius Black himself, he looked just as shocked- hurt.

Ophelia shuffled past everyone out of the door as the class continued, no one noticing her departure.


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