Part 12- Love Confession To Fans

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After all morning classes were over, it was time for lunch. 

Jungkook and I decided to ditch lunch and get food at the mall.  I was not in the mood to sit with Rebecca or any of the other girls.

The mall wasn't too far away and we were able to wait for an upcoming bus.

"Hey Andrea, are you excited?" Jungkook asked.

"For the dance?" I asked looking up.

He nodded.

"Yeah of course! I'm going with you aren't I?" I said giggling.

"I'm glad you're excited. I just really hope Rebecca and her friends don't bother you tomorrow." Jungkook said.

It felt good that someone was looking after me.

"I hope so too. I don't want them to ruin our night." I replied looking at him.

Jungkook kicked a small pebble over to the grass.

"They just have to annoy us. They just have to be rude. They just have to ruin everything. Why is that? HUH?" Jungkook yelled angrily.

"Kookie, calm down. It's gonna be ok. If they annoy us, we will ignore them. Don't worry too much alright?" I told him.

He looked so angry and pissed off. I wanted him to be happy.

"I don't want to think about those annoying girls at all. I don't want to focus on anyone that hurts you." Jungkook said scooting closer to me on the bench.

"That's sweet. Thank you Kookie." I responded kindly.

I really appreciated his love and care for me.

He came over and brought me into a hug.

We heard the bus stop but Jungkook wouldn't let go of me.

"Jungkook, the-the bus is here." I said trying to push him off.

He laughed loudly.

"HEY! LET'S GO!" the driver yelled.

"Jungkook, you made that so awkward." I whispered as we got on the bus.

Jungkook handed the driver the money and found a seat.

"I'm sorry Andrea. It was pretty funny." Jungkook replied chuckling.

His smile was so cute.

People were starting to stare and it was getting even more awkward than before.

"They're staring." I whispered very softly.

Jungkook looked up. "They're just jealous."

"I think they just think we're crazy." I said.

"That too." Jungkook said not looking up from his phone game.

"Hey I wanna play." I said grabbing the phone.

"Ok ok." Jungkook said as he pulled me into another giant hug.

~At The Mall~

"Yes we're finally here! That bus ride was so awkward ugh!" I said laughing.

Jungkook playfully pushed me.

"Let's go to Macy's. They should have nice formal clothing." Jungkook suggested.

I nodded. "That should be good." 

As we walked into the store, there were a couple groups of teenage girls taking photos of us.

"Kookie, are those fangirls?" I asked in a soft whisper.

Jungkook looked around.

"Dammit. I should've worn a disguise or something." Jungkook said in an upset tone.

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