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Ophelia Jones was the only daughter of Edward and Cordelia Jones. One of the more famous pureblood family's in the wizarding world. Ophelia grew up with an older brother, always looking over her shoulder to make sure she's doing right, Brian.

In their large home they liked to call, 'Windyridge' it was a fun time growing up for the Jones children, but as each year passed Brian flew the nest to go to Hogwarts, time at Windyridge grew more and more depressing for the younger Jones.

It wasn't until her eleventh birthday she finally felt happy again, like she belonged, she remembers months prior when her friend, the only one for that fact, got his letter.

She was so happy when the young Sirius Black got his letter, he had kept her sane for the better half of a decade, whilst she was alone.

They first met at a ball. It was accustom for Pureblood familys to attend these, she remembers that day vividly, she was 3, wearing a bright yellow puffy dress, its her favorite colour - always had been, their parents were talking and she saw the young, curly haired boy, in a grey blazer with matching shorts. He grabbed her wrist and they ran off, they spent the rest of the night with each other until Walburga Black, Sirius' mother, found them sat under a table with cake masked on their faces.

Her mother took a photo of that moment, its one of the many pictures Ophelia keeps framed on her wall with Sirius in.


On the train Ophelia made sure to stay with Sirius. The two of them met a boy in the compartment they shared. when the boy told them he was James Potter, Ophelia knew exactly who he was, and something told her Sirius did too.

The Potters were a famous family of Blood-traitors. She had been warned to stay away from people like him. She trusted her parents and decided to stay quite the whole train ride. Sirius tried to include her for he thought it was her shyness but she wouldn't speak a word to James.

"So what house are you hoping for?" James asked Sirius and presumably Ophelia.

Sirius lifted his head high and said, "Slytherin, its the family house." he turned to look at James in the eyes, "Anything else would be disgraceful."

James rolled his eyes at this. Ophelia saw that and was deeply offended.

"No need to ask what house your hoping for!" she exclaimed angrily.

James smirked at the girls sudden burst of confidence, "Gryffindor of course!"

"You can tell. The cockyness is a huge giveaway." The girl said folding her arms and turning away, "Atleast in Slytherin we know how to behave and have manners."

"Is that what you call it?" James scoffed, "i call it blood supremacy and entitlement."

At this Ophelia stood up and exclaimed once more, "like you know what entitlement means."

"Ladies, ladies. Calm down." Sirius interjected, "i'm sure whatever house we end up in will be the right decision," he look at James as he said, "and if thats Gryffindor," he turns to Ophelia, "or Slytherin."

"Whatever," she looked at sirius, "we should probably put our robes on now, we'll be there soon."


Entering The Great Hall was as exhilarating as people say. Sirius pointed up to the the night sky it possessed and pointed out the star he was named after proudly. Ophelia giggled at this.

Sirius was one of the first to be called up. Ophelia had a feeling in the pit of her stomach, she passed it up as nerves though.

Ophelia couldn't hear what the hat was saying but her face dropped when it exclaimed.


Sirius paled at this. He looked awfully ill. He looked as though he'd pass out at any moment as he made his way to the cheering Gryffindor table.

As Ophelia's name was called up all wild thoughts ran through her mind. What if she was destined to Gryffindor as well? The shame of her family!

She sat on the stool as the hat was placed on her head.

"Well, well, well, another Jones? Worried girl? You should be. Definitely not Ravenclaw - you have the wit, but not the intelligence." Ophelia didn't have time to be offended as the hat carried on speaking, "You have traits of a Gryffindor," Ophelia held her breath, "chivalry and bravery? You'd be suited greatly, we shall keep that in mind, ay?" She looked over to the Slytherin table to see more people she'd grown up around, anxiously together, awaiting her arrival. "You'd make a great Hufflepuff. Much like your brother in the creative aspect of things..." Oh god no, becoming a hufflepuff would be more disgraceful than a Gryffindor, "Loyalty is key. Maybe not, i see how strong your impatience is." thank the lord, "ambitious, cunning and resourceful? I think Slytherin and Hufflepuff are tied."

"Please be Slytherin." she quietly whispered to herself.

"please be slytherin? What a Gryffindor move," the Hat chuckled, "Oh well..."

"SLYTHERIN!" the hat exclaimed as Ophelia sighed with relief, she made her way over to her 'cousins' as they and others stood and cheered.

She was seated next to Lucius Malfoy, and older boy who'd attend other pureblood balls, as he said, "you were quite the Hatstall." he smirked as the young girl went red.

"Oh be quiet, Lucius," sighed Bellatrix, "i can remember your sorting, you tripped on your way over." A few others listening chuckles and Ophelia laughed quietly as the hat shouted,


Ophelia turned and saw James making his way over to the dark red and gold table. She rolled her eyes. As much as she was sad at Sirius' sorting, she knew that they could no longer be friends. This made her very gloomy. No matter how tasty or nice the food was, (especially the jelly), nothing could distract her from that thought. He was her best friend. It was going to be incredibly hard for the young girl.

I guess she'd just have to find a way to live without him.


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