~ New Look ~

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In the bliss that he was experiencing it was hard for Matias to actually feel bad for accidentally making Annie swallow. Honestly as she complained much like a child would and looked at him in vague disgust he had the urge to laugh more than he did to apologise.

He did neither as he slowly leaned up and watched Annie run into the bathroom, a smile settling on his face. He looked to the stains that she'd left with her coughing and then his own member that was sticky with his release and saliva.

"I should probably clean up." His hand weaved through his black hair and slowly he slid out the bed, his feet landing somewhat shakily on the ground as a wave of exhaustion passed through him.

"Jeez. I forgot how exhausting this whole thing was." He muttered with a sigh and a walk over to the second smaller bathroom in his bedroom. It wasn't as well-equipped as the other with only a toilet and sink, but it was good enough for what he needed to do.

He quickly cleaned his limp member with a cloth and then upon walking out the small room immediately dug through his cupboard. His hands procured a pair of grey sweatpants that he immediately put on his hips and a change of purple sheets. He replaced the previous ones covered in stains and after flattening out this new one took a seat on the bed.

By the time that he was done with this, Annie walked out the shower with a towel around her neck and in his opinion a strange sense of fulfilment. He could guess why and smiled softly as she sat beside him on the edge of the bed, the way she was avoiding his "stain" getting a short chuckle out of him.

"I changed the sheets, Annie. You're in the clear." His chuckle only gets louder when she looks at the sheets and then awkwardly scoots a little closer to him, but then it stopped when she asks him about their relationship.

The shyness in the question and the bluntness create an effective combo that silences him and then got him to break out in real genuine laughter. It's loud and uncontrollable and an all around amazing sensation he hasn't felt in years, the reaction as strange and off-putting it may be to Annie being one that he needed after the stress that was the past few weeks.

When he calmed down to answer the question that she bravely asked him, the former military man moved his hand around her shoulder and brought the two of them that much closer.

"Sorry about that, Annie but as blunt as you are you aren't exactly wrong." His hand at her shoulder moved to the back of her head and gently brought her head to rest on his lap. He knew that she'll be a little off-put by the action and quickly worked to get rid of that by massaging her scalp.

His fingers slowly weaved through her blonde hair, nails occasionally scratching at her scalp in between gently playing with the golden strands.

"The only difference in our relationship should really be honesty. We don't need to keep secrets and we should have complete trust in one another, none of this "did he do this" or "did she do this" bullshit. Also..." His fingers trailed across her cheek in a smooth glide.

"It wouldn't hurt to show your cute and honest side a little more. It might earn you a reward or two from your Commanding Officer." He gave a playful smirk and wink as his hand continued to trail across her cheek and back into her hair.

When Matias had began to laugh uncontrollably, Annie's face turned hard and grim, almost snarling up at him as he laughed. When he finally did stop and began to stroke her head and laid her on his lap; she began to calm down a little, having been about to yell at him for laughing at her after what they did.

Simply staring up at him as he spoke, she let him play with her cheek and her hair.

"I will try to be honest." She admitted. She wasn't going to lie to him now.

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