The Denbora Tsazcuth

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"I was told that the box contained an object called a Denbora Tsazcuth."

Abraham knew of the name because it had those words wrapped around the object when they had accidentally discovered it. Several his men had suffered ailments or lost their lives to the object whilst they were trying to contain it in the box.

He had further described the tsazcuth object as a glowing white ice cube that had no feeling upon touch and no other markers to the senses aside from its visual aspect according to some reports. It was an object that existed, but didn't as soon as you took your eyes off it.

Shuso had Death open the box and use his empathy power to identify the magic belonging to the object.

"I was a fingertip away from touching that thing when I recoiled my hand."

The pain he had felt from being close to the magical ice cube was beyond excruciating. It had left him screaming with a madness as he felt his timeline reeling backwards in his head. The transition of emotions and sensations to his body moved at a rapid pace.

"I was being picked and pulled apart within seconds. Feeling everything; the tearing, bleeding, splintering—you can't imagine how painful that was." Death's voice trembled.

Shuso had closed the iron box and moved Death away from it with apologies.

When Death had regained his composure, he told the men that he suspected the power contained was the fabled Power of Null. A demigod power that was rumoured to negate any barrier, warp time and matter into a single destructive force; used as a reason to pass-off people's substance abuse, mental disorders and obsessive-compulsive natures not explainable through factual science and known theories.

"I get it. You had stumbled upon the Power of Null. Why would that make you feel bad?"

I felt frustrated and panicky at the time it was taking for Death to get through his story. At the same time, I was aware that he had to say things at his pace. So, I released a few breaths to relax and continued listening.

"We took that thing into the Magenta Vault. Shuso and the men had left once they saw the iron box stowed on a shelf in the vault."

Adams-san and Death had been left alone to lock up the vault as usual.

Death mumbled about how they had made love in front of the vault's entrance before locking up its reinforced iron double doors. He was sent on ahead to the cataloguing room to freshen up. Adams-san had remained to lock the way to the Magenta Vault as per usual procedure.

Death felt all his guilt, shame and the after effects from the tsazcuth festering within himself. He wandered out of the Archive Tower seeking air and headed down a path that would take him back to Sangha Hall.

"I felt at peace when I saw you and Pestilence watching the sky with innocent eyes." His ghostly lips twitched with a smile, which faded to a desolate expression.

"You had no idea you were staring at warning colours of a magical disturbance." Death explained about sensing the strong power that was neutralising Gat Shiem's protective barriers.

His fear made him sprint back to the Central Courtyard where he saw strange lights flickering in the distance near the Torii. He raced towards it and stopped for breath just short of the archway's steps. There he saw Adams-san with the iron box that they had taken to the Magenta Vault earlier.

The lid of the box was open to release some Power of Null out into the dark open space between the posts.

He opened his mouth to call out to Adams-san then closed it when he saw a countless number of red sashes rushing through the gate, realising that they were connected to the waists of black-clad warriors.

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