• A New Life •

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You and Michael have been married for two years and, at present, you are 9 months pregnant with your first child. You and Michael were ecstatic at the prospect of being parents! As your due date approached, Michael stopped as much of his work as he could afford to, determined to be by your side the whole time on the special day.

"Wait here, I'm going to run you a bath, okay?"

You and Michael had spent the day relaxing, mainly due to your inability to move because of your enormous pregnant belly. You smiled as you rubbed it gently, not able to help loving Michael making a fuss of you.

"Thank you, love, that sound perfect" you smiled up at him, causing his own face to break out into a wide grin before cupping the back of your head and leaving a soft kiss on your forehead.

"Anything for you, sweetheart" he whispered, smiling down at you before walking into your ensuite bathroom and turning the taps on. You stayed where you were, sat up in your shared super-king-sized bed, and picked up your book you were currently reading. Letting out a content sigh, you smiled and began finding your page, wondering how you got so lucky having Michael as a husband and the father of your child.

A mere five minutes passed before you felt some pain in the pit of your stomach. All day you had had little bursts of pain, but they were just about as painful as period cramps. Your doctor had told you that Braxton Hicks contractions were highly common and that they were false signs of labour. This pain, however, felt different, and you sucked in your breath sharply, catching Michael's attention and he stepped back into the room.

"Is everything alright?" he asked, concern painted all over his gorgeous features as he hurried to your side of the bed. You attempted to sit yourself up more, feeling uncomfortable in the position you had been in, and winced, causing Michael to use his strong arms to help you up and hold you as you screwed your face up in pain.

"I don't know" you managed to breathe out, your eyes firmly squeezed shut. As if on cue, you felt an overwhelming gush of fluid and gasped as a large amount went all over the sheets.

"Michael... I think my water broke" you said in a worried tone.

"Oh my God, it's time-" Michael began in a slightly panicked tone before you cut him off with another yelp as another shot of pain ripped through you.

"God I need to get to the hospital...right now" you gasped and Michael nodded, looking around the room frantically for the bag you had packed in preparation.

"It's gonna be okay, my love, we have the bag packed, so we just need to go to the car" he reassured you as you took in deep breathes and attempted to heave yourself off of the bed, Michael supporting your weight as you walked slowly to the door.

Soon enough you both made it to the limo and Michael signalled to Bill, who knew exactly what was going on. Michael helped you into the backseat carefully, sitting next to you and wrapping you in his loving arms once inside himself. He stroked your hair and cooed words of support and love in your ear as each contraction came.

After what felt like an eternity you arrived at the private hospital you and Michael had, months ago, decided upon using. Bill drove you right up to the doors and nurses came out to greet you as soon as the car pulled up, with a wheelchair and various pieces of paperwork. Michael gripped your hand the entire time you were wheeled to your room, rubbing it comfortingly as the nurses reminded you of the procedure to follow. Once inside your room you instantly felt a little better and more comfortable with it just being Michael and yourself.

"You're doing so well, my love" Michael cooed and stroked some hair away from you sweaty forehead. You smiled weakly at him, having only just recovered yourself from a contraction. They were getting worse and worse each time, but having Michael by your side somehow allowed the pain to subside. Michael comforted and took care of you while you waited for your doctor to arrive. When he did, he performed a few examinations that you would prefer to forget, but were necessary.

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