Part 41

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Tiffany: Hello!

Katelin: Hey! What's up?

Tiffany: I'm alright... but I feel like I'm being watched.

Katelin: By what? What do you mean?

Tiffany: Like there's someone in the walls with peepholes

Katelin: You've watched too many Horror films lmao. You're paranoid

Tiffany: No I'm not! I have a gut feeling and you know what they say when you have a gut feeling.

Tiffany: You should believe it

Katelin: But that's stupid. How can there be someone in the walls?? He wouldn't fit!

Tiffany: haven't I told you about the family who lived in my house before us?

Katelin: No...?

Tiffany: There used to be a family of four; a mother, a father, a 13 year old boy and a 3 year old girl.

Tiffany: The father was a 'mad scientist'. That's what people called him anyway.

Tiffany: He was crazy, working day and night on things the family didn't know about, even the mother.

Tiffany: The mother got so angry that she demanded a divorce if he didn't stop it. He didn't, so she carried out her promise.

Tiffany: She took the baby and left the 13 year old with him. She told him she'd be back within a week to take the boy away if he wasn't being cared for properly. She wanted to give the father one last chance.

Tiffany: After a week, she went back to collect her son. But to her terror, neither her son or her ex-husband were in the house. She waited outside for them to come home, but they didn't. The father never went on holiday, so that was out of the question.

Tiffany: The mother tried calling the father so many times but he never answered.

Katelin: Were they found??

Tiffany: Never. They sent police over to search, and they searched the whole damn country for them. But they were never found.

Katelin: So what has this got to do with you feeling as if you're being watched??

Tiffany: My instincts make me believe that it's them

Katelin: In your walls??

Katelin: Tiffany, you're being stupid. You're probably paranoid because you've just moved into a new house. Everyone is like that at first.

Tiffany: I stg Katelin this isn't a joke.

Tiffany: According to the neighbour, my bedroom is the room his science lab was in.

Katelin: Creepy

Tiffany: Ah god the watching feeling is growing more intense and I hate it

Katelin: If you're really that paranoid then search your room.

Tiffany: I'm terrified though lol

Katelin: ...

Tiffany: I'll do it then lmao

Katelin: Ok. I'll message you back in a bit.

Tiffany: Sure.

~13 minutes later~

Tiffany: OH MY GOD


Part two coming soon :)


Would you rather:

Be abducted by aliens and watch the world explode with everyone else on it


Watch everyone be abducted by aliens to go to a safe place and you die alone on Earth?


Thank you for all your nice comments on the previous chapter <3 I will try and update more often now x

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