EXO Funtime- HunHan

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I woke up and all I see are the adorable faces of Tao and Kris oppa, I wore my clothes and sat on the bed, I stared at them for a while, they woke up and greeted me goodmorning, Kris kissed me then Tao kissed me

"We're going out now jagi, thanks for making our night"- Kris

"At last we already released it inside someone"-Tao

"It's okay Oppa, tell Sehun and Luhan Oppa to come here when they already want to"-Me

I opened my laptop and played minecraft when I heard the door flew open and there is the HunHan couple, looking at me

"We'll do it after breakfast, let's go eat now"-Sehun

I went down with Luhan and Sehun oppa. After eating, I washed the dishes and went to my room, and there they are, already naked, sitting on the bed...

I walked towards them, then Luhan Oppa pulled me down... I felt his bulge right under my butt cheeks....
Sehun removed my shirt while Luhan is unbuttoning my short... Sehun squeezed my boobs and take my left one in his mouth... Luhan took off my panties and inserted two fingers in me, when I'm wet enough, he inserted his hard cock in me, Thank God they are not a tease

He starts to move in me, fastening his pace while Sehun moved a little bit backwards, I sucked on his hard dick, after a few minutes we all reached our climax, they both came in me, Sehun and Luhan exchanged positions, I feel so good with their big cock... I wish this will never end, I think I'll be pregnant after this week with 12 hot fathers, but I took birth control so it's okay....
Sehun feels so good inside me, then Luhan inserted his cock in my asshole

We had sex for like 3 hours, we slept after the amazing session, their cocks still inside me... we woke up in the afternoon

"Thanks Alex, you really made our day... can we call you everytime we need to release?"-Luhan

"Sure Oppa, Saranghae"-Me


"What about me?"-Sehun

"I love you all equaly, the only thing is Luhan is my bias, Arasseo, Saranghae"-Me

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