♡Let's Run Away♡

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"(Y/N)! Hurry up!" your mother called as you sat at your desk, scribbling in your notebook. A sigh escaped your lips when you heard your mother.

You stood up and walked out of your bedroom, making your way downstairs to meet your mother. She was in the kitchen, and when she sensed that you were behind her - she turned around.

"(Y/N)," she set her hands on her hips. "We were supposed to meet Jake half an hour ago," she spoke, referring to your fiancé. You groaned whilst folding your arms, rolling your eyes.

"But I don't want to go," you scoffed. "I thought we agreed that I wouldn't see him today!"

"Well, we're going today," she pressed. Despite the fact that you didn't love Jake, you were going to marry the man - simply because your mother had begged you to do so.

Jake's family was rich, but they were heartless people - you despised them. However, what everyone was unaware of - was the fact that you were in love with someone else; Michael Jackson.

Yes, the King of Pop was the man you loved - and constantly, the two of you would meet in secret. The two of you had even spoken about running away together, just so that you wouldn't have to marry Jake.

Your mother knew that you didn't love Jake, but she was forcing you to marry him anyway. Of course, she had no idea about Michael.

"Ugh," you shook your head. You had been planning to sneak out and see Michael in an hour - but from what your mother had just said, you knew that you weren't going to be able to meet the man you loved. "Fine,"

"That's more like it," she narrowed her eyes. "Now, I know that you don't like Jake - but for once, please pretend like you adore him,"

"I can try, but I shall not promise anything," you mumbled.

"(Y/N)," she chastised you. "Behave,"


At the restaurant that you and your mother had agreed to meet Jake at, you found yourself daydreaming about Michael. Jake spoke, but none of his words sparked your interest. Your mother did most of the talking, and Jake seemed to have been eyeing you the entire time.

The venue was empty, except for a few people. You mentally cursed Jake as you picked up your wine glass, taking a sip.

Once you set it down, Jake cleared his throat.

"I've been thinking about moving the wedding date forward," he remarked, making your eyes widen slightly.

"Oh?" your mother smiled. "How much earlier do you want it to be?"

"A day from now," Jake responded, making you choke on the wine. Several moments passed before you managed to regain your composure. "I'm sorry, (Y/N), is there a problem?"

"Uh...no...I mean..." you gulped. "We shouldn't rush the wedding," you bit your lip. "Anything done in haste, does not unfold well,"

"Well, we've been engaged for over a year now," he raised an eyebrow. "I think it's about time that we seal the deal,"

You opened your mouth to response, but something caught your eye. Standing near the corner, was Michael. He wore a red button up shirt, black slacks, penny loafers and socks. He had his hands shoved into the pockets of his pants, and he was smiling as he kept his eyes on you.

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