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I'm A Walking Disaster (They Told You To Stay Away)

The title of this book are a few lyrics from the All Time Low song "Forget About It"

each chapter will be named based off of All Time Low songs and Lyrics (only making it more interesting)

This is my second fanfiction ever and I'm very excited to write it, my last fanfiction had some good feedback so hopefully I can do just as well on this one.


"Sometimes people just can't be helped, some of us are meant to die, drop it" Jack spat at me, I flinched at his words but my determination was stronger. I can and I will help him, without help he will never get out of here..


After Alex Gaskarth was hospitalized for his third suicide attempt this year his parents decided that it would be best for him to spend some time in the Teen Psychiatric ward of Valley Springs Hospital.

There he has to share a room with Jack Barakat, who was possibly the worst person to room with due to his attitude, but when Alex discovers more about Jack and why he was there he begins to feel different towards the boy he was told to stay away from.

Will Jack accept Alex's help or encouragement? Or will he shut himself away from Alex and refuse anything to do with him?

Is what Alex feels towards Jack more than just the need to help him?

Trigger warnings:

- Self Harm

- Suicide

- Eating Disorders

- Food

- Language (cuss words)

- upsetting thoughts

- Death

- Homicide

- Drug Abuse

Some of the mental illnesses In this story are:

- Schizophrenia

- Bipolar Disorder

- Depression

- Anxiety

- Insomnia




I would also like to say that I'm able to provide you with a censored version of each chapter if you message me,

When I finish this one I can publish the censored version of this story if I get asked to.

I know that every psychiatric unit is different and that makes it more interesting.

This story is kind of like a prequel to my first fanfiction (Too Young To Live This Way) but that was a multi ship story and this is only on Jalex.

It does not matter if you've read it or if you ever do read it but it uses the same Jack, Alex, Vic, Kellin, Jonny, and Oli.

This story is completely separate from my first fic it just uses some of the same characters, this is a way people can see exactly how Jack and Alex came together in my other story.

Thanks so much for reading,

Also, for those of you who have read my other fanfiction: A few minor things will be changed that were mentioned in my last one. In Too Young To Live This Way, I put some things when Alex was kind of giving background that I won't have in this one, I decided to make this one as realistic as possible. Nothing large about the characters will change so it's okay. If you want the specifics about what I'm taking out just message me.

I'll be updating every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Also, in my other Fic I switched between POV's, in this fic it will always be on Alex's POV.

I decided to have only Alex's POV so Jack could be more of a mysterious/interesting character.

Thanks again for reading!

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