The Picnic that went all Wrong

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Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 WARNING ⚠️ mistakes ahead ⚠️
Theodore either chose not to hear what Lady Harringson said or he truly didn't hear her, either way he stepped into the foyer and offered his arm to Lady Harringson, "The preparations are complete and it looks like the weather will hold on us, let us go before it decides to change its mind."

At that moment Kingsley also walked into the room looking dapper in a deep green waistcoat. My eyes darted to Annalina's. I could see her eyes shoot up and down his figure before settling on his shoes and then, as if she could feel my gaze, shot up to me. A slight blush took over her cheeks as I have her a small devious smile and immediately made my way over to him.

He was standing behind Theodore, and as I walked in his direction Theodore's eyebrows hunkered down over his brilliant green eyes. He was most defintely angry.

I brushed past him and approached Kingsley. I didn't know what the formality was so I gave a wobbly curtsy.

"Oh Lady Lovonton! What a surprise to see you here." He reached out and grasped my hand and before I even knew it he layed a gentle kiss and tucked it in the crook of his arm. "Just the Lady I wanted to see." His eyes glowed with his mirth, "Best not too speak too loudly of these matters though," His eyes shot to Theodore and mine followed. His back was to us, but I could see the stiffness that outlined his shoulders and flexed arms.

Yes, he was angry, if not furious. I would have to apologize, and not only to him. As much as I disliked the idea I would have to make a formal apology to Lady Harringson as well. Which is awful because just the other day she mudrered me. Of course she doesn't know that, but that doesn't mean that I don't feel even slightly hurt by it.

"He's still a little...Hmm, what's the word I'm looking for?"

"Upset?" I supplied as we all strarted to leak out of the foyer and make our way across the gravel drive way.

"I feel like there is a better word for his mood...Hmm, I just can't quiet seem to put my finger on it."

I laughed, "He's salty."

Kingsley paused and fully turned to look at me. His mouth twitched before slightly pulling up into another one of his smiles. He smiled a lot easier than Theodore, which is a shame because the few times I have seen him smile it was warm and refreshing and... I needed to stop.

I pulled my mind away from Theodore, whose back I realized I had been intently staring at and turned my attention to Kingsley, who had resumed our walk while laughing.

"I forget you say some of the most outlandish things, must be a trait you picked up from being across the Atlantic for so long. I say, even your accent is odd, although I feel as if it is starting to blend, becoming less high pitched and more drawn out."

I gave a humorless chuckle, "Yes, well you people do have a way of drawing out your sentences. Almost as if you have nothing better to do than talk in slow motion." I gave him a small nudge with my elbow and raised my eyebrows, showing him I was just poking fun and didn't mean anything offensive.

He sighed dramatically and as we stepped into the slightly mushy grass of the lawn that stretched in front of the manor, he clutched his left arm to his chest, "Oh, how you wound me. Don't you know that I'm just an English man, the most severe insult I can take is a disagreement on whose the best author of our time. Anything more and my frail Englsih soul will surely not survive."

I let out a loud laugh, which I shouldn't have by the way that Rose, who was in front of us, wipped around and slayed me with her eyes. I could even see Theodore's neck stiffen, which I didn't think was possible. I could also see Annalina's eyes shoot to me before dropping to the ground with another blush blooming across her cheeks.

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