The Morning After

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I felt a gentle nudge and heard a soft voice, "Blue." It was Anne.

She nudged me again, "You need to get up."

I mumbled a no and rolled away from her continuous prods.

"I don't know how nobody woke up last night with all the ruckus you made coming in but they'll definitely notice when they wake up." She poked my shoulder. "Come on, up with it."

I groaned as she clasped my wrists with her hands and dragged me into a sitting position.

"Maybe five more minutes." My eyes were still closed as I tugged my hands away from her evil clutches and curled back into bed.

"No no no no no... you have to get up." She yanked me back up a lot more aggressively than before.

I heard her shuffle away and then something soft was thrown on my head, "Here, wear this. You can't go out in the halls looking like that."  She shuffled around some more, "Oh, the talk that's already happening, it would only get worse."

I rubbed my eyes and yawned as I snatched the clothes from over my head, "What talk?"

Anne seemed to be in a hurry as she flirted around the small space.

"Oh never mind that," she waved her hand through the air, "I'll go get you some tea while you get dressed, and then you need to be on your way." She paused in her quick motions to stare at me. "We'll talk later." She gave me her familiar soft smile before quietly weaving through the other cots in the room to get to the door.

With the beginnings of the sun making itself known, I watched as she silently slipped out the room. She was so graceful.

I was not and that was evidenced by the way the sheets tangled around my legs and instead of sliding out of bed, which had been my original plan, I thumped out.

My bruised ribs ached with the contact of the floor. I rolled over as an involuntary groan left my mouth.

This sucked ass.

My whole body hurt and it felt like the chill of the night was still in my bones.

"Blue." Anne's voice was still low but markedly more harsh. "Come on. I have your tea here, but you'll have to take it on the go."

"How'd you get back so fast?"

She dragged me to my feet and pushed the trousers and shirt into my hands. "Get dressed. The old lady is about to wake and you know how very angry she'll be."

I huffed and said a few choice words under my breath as I shoved my legs through the holes of the trousers and took off the remaining of my dress to put the shirt on.

"What'd you say?" Anne sent me a pointed look.

"Oh, umm, nothing." I gave her my innocent smile before picking up the cup of tea and quietly making my way towards the door.

As I passed Anne she reached out and clasped my arm, "Talk? Later?"

I nodded my head, "Sure." My response was whispered as the seriousness in her eyes sucked the small humor out of the situation.

She licked her lips before nodding herself and stepped away from me, "I'll hold you to it."

I gave her a firm nod before continuing across the room and stepping into the hall.

Stepping from the hardwood of the room into the old stone of the hall sent a shiver up from my bare feet.

I looked around but didn't see anyone. Good. It was still early enough that nobody should be up. I navigated my way through the servants halls until I emerged on the first floor next to the kitchens.

I sipped my tea and thought about my game plan.

I needed to find Theodore and the mysterious flour guy, had to figure out who talked Hazel into killing me then stop her, also have to save Theodore from whatever's going to happen.

First I needed the date. I'm all turned around and it seemed that from the previous timeline that whatever was going to go down was the date of their wedding. So, I have until then to fix all of this.

Oh yeah, and to get my ass back home.

I went up a flight of stairs, took a left, a right, and then another right before I admitted to myself that I was terribly lost. The house was a maze of rooms and corridors. It was nearly impossible to learn.

I rounded a particularly familiar-looking corner to happen upon something, or a better word, someone's. They hadn't spotted me yet and I quickly ducked back behind the wall so they wouldn't see me.

It was Rose. Sharp-witted, angry Rose. Except she wasn't so angry, and she wasn't so sharp. In fact, she was the complete opposite as she melted into a man's arms.

I rolled my eyes as I overheard their words.

"Theodore will be so angry. With everything that's happened and the wedding, I think this is poor timing."

"You can't time love, my love. How much longer must I wait? How much longer before I can hold you in front of all of society?" I heard a small sigh which pushed me to peer around the corner.

Was this an invasion of privacy? Yes. Should I have turned around and left them to their rendezvous? Yes.

But, did I?

No, no I did not. I leaned my ass against that wall and watched as the mysterious man wrapped his arms around Rose and whispered sweet nothings in her ear. I watched as he pressed her up against the wall and turned his promises into reality.

I stood rooted to my spot as Rose giggled and tugged him by his lapels behind a door that led into a room that would only lead to...other things. Things that I knew Theodore would not be happy about.  My mouth hung open as the door clicked shut behind them.

I stayed there for an extended moment before creeping out from behind my hide-away and slowly making my way down the corridor. I don't know how I managed it but I eventually found my room. I sat my tea down and slowly skunk down into my bed as I thought over everything.

I looked out my window at the sun peaking over the distant hills. The hills I had emerged from and still couldn't figure out why, the place where this whole mess started, the hills that I could currently see a figure slowly trudging from, or rather two figures.

I jumped up and slowly walked towards the window. I pressed against the sill and felt the coolness seep through my shirt. I squinted my eyes to get a better look.

They wore black. Of that I was certain. And they walked with a stride that looked out of place. I don't know how to explain it, but they also seemed very familiar. There was definitely something off about them.

Maybe it was the way they walked in sync, or the way their arms swung together, or maybe, and this was probably the reason they sent a small chill up my spine, maybe it was the way they both stopped at the bottom of the hill and leaned their heads back.

Their black hats cast a shadow over their features, obscuring them from sight. It might have been my imagination but it felt like they were staring straight at my window, straight at me. I ducked down as they both reached up and tipped their hats.

What the fuck?

My heart pounded in my ears and my stomach clenched in a not-so-stable way, but that didn't stop me from almost immediately peaking back over the sill. If someone were to be watching me all they would be able to see were my eyes and my fingertips as I clutched the sill.

The only problem was that there was nobody there to see my eyes. There was nobody there at all, except the hills and a couple trees in the distance.

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