Chapter 28: Training with them

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Danielle's POV:

I was sitting in between Sky's leg while his arms are wrapped around behind me. We were talking about Sky's birthday which is a month from now.

but sadly he kept distracting me by his kisses every minute every word I said there was always a kiss.

Eventually I got a tons of ideas regardless he was distracting me and it was a good distraction though but of course I have a better surprise for him.

The next they at school there were rumors about a bomb and fire threat in the school. The principal gather all the students to let them know that starting today classes will be suspended for at least more than two months just to make sure the students safety.

When the other students left well more practically the human left the principal gather all the alpha's from different pack and I never thought our principal would be a wolf and the meeting last like two hours.

When we got home Sky told us what the principal told them.

" Rogue Attack!" Sky said as he sat down " Principal Clearwater's pack was attack last night and some of his pack were hurt that's the real reason why he suspended school and bomb and fire threat was just an idea so the humans won't suspect anything.

" Why do you think they got attack I mean they are just a small pack?" Kyle asked.

" Well that's the reason!" We all looked at Xaria " They attack it because it was just a small pack just like my pack, The White Valley Pack, our pack isn't that big and don't have the best warrior to fight so the rogues has a great advantage when it comes to fighting.

Darylle felt that Xaria was about to cry so he quickly pulled Xaria close to comfort her. " It's ok babe! I'm right here" he said and kissed her head.

Sky announced that the pack would start training by tomorrow just incase for any rogue attack Shine groaned but she couldn't do anything.

Sky mind-link all the members to be ready for tomorrow.

Sky was assual in his office so I decided to pay him a visit I knocked on his door waiting for him to reply. As I heard " come in " I quickly went inside. I saw him resting his head at the couch rubbing his forehead he was having a headache. I quickly approach him and sat on his lap and I guess he hadnt realize it was me when he felt I sat on his lap.

I took his hand off his forehead and I start rubbing it for him as I rub his forehead he wrapped his arms around me. I heard him growl as I kept rubbing his forehead I lean down and whisper " Feeling better".

He gave me a smirked " Only if you've kissed me!"

I cupped his cheeks and kissed him I was about to pull back but his pull he closer to him and he starts kissing me he deepens the kiss and want to have an acess and I gave it to him he kept moaning inside my mouth our tongue battle for each other and I couldn't help but moan as well.

His kiss were just amazing I just want to keep kissing him I felt his hand went up to my cheek as he lay me down on the couch he went on top of me still not breaking the kiss I can feel his hand travel down to my side then through my thighs he growl when my hands travel through his hazel brown hair to pull him closer we broke apart to catch our breathe but that doesn't stop Sky he continue to kiss my jawline then my neck I moan when he kissed my neck but he cover it by kissing my lips.

" Sky! we have to stop!" I said as felt his little friend wants to join in and I could tell it wasn't that little finally he stopped kissing me and sit up he pull on his lap wraps his arms around and rested his forehead in mine.

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