Chapter 13

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This is a very internal chapter for Dr Jasper but there is a lot going on!

Let me know if you spot any errors :)

Hope you like it!

Dr Jasper POV

Time is running out. I have to act. But why do I feel so conflicted all of a sudden. And why did I tell her about her mother?

Maybe because I know she won't last the night. Maybe because I want part of her to know that I am, biologically, her father.

I haven't called myself her father in a long time. Because I don't deserve that title. Father's don't do this. Lie to their child. Treat them like an experiment. Hurt them.

I want to tell her this was never my choice. I never wanted to include my baby girl in this. But when my father found out Marina, Aida's mother, had been bitten by a vampire on a research trip abroad, treated in Lithuania and had been healed, he had a feeling that the baby she was pregnant with, Aidalyn, would be born different.

And that she was. As suspected she had the same internal power that Marina possessed as a result of the bite. It was strong. Too strong and on many occasions it got a hold of Marina. She never meant to do any of the things she did in wolf form during those bad days.

But we both agreed we did not want that for Aida.
And that is why I started working on the medication. A drug to suppress her wolf traits. It was supposed to be secret. For Aida. And Marina.

I succeeded in part for Aida but not in time for Marina.

And then my father found out what I was doing. He wanted to use her power to harness the strength. But Marina and I didn't want that for her.
I knew that I could somehow duplicate the power if I only had time. And as long as I had Marina.

Now here I am. Fast forward 17 years. Marina has been gone for that long, taken, and Aida has been kept secret until a year ago.

They found her and called in the favour I owed. That he owed. I still don't know how they found her. I had masked her all this time.

I walk down the hallway now, playing my melancholy monologue in my mind. Wondering how I got to this point, carrying my beautiful daughter down to a lab to end her life.
She looks so much like her mother as a child.
I feel the sting of tears start to form but I cannot let them fall.

I must see this through. Aida is better off dead than having to be at their mercy.

Amalie too.

Goddess forgive me.


I have set Aida up in the lab hospital. She is still out from the sedative dose I gave her. I will set up a reverse infusion. Tonight will be her last.

The infusion will drain every last drop of her very unique blood. And I will transfer it into Amalie. Then I am done. My debt is repaid. And my life will be over.

I need to get it together. I must prepare Amalie. Amalie will be their prize. After tonight she will in complete transition and she will no longer be the daughter of the Alpha I once knew as a tiny child.

I used to wonder if she and Aidalyn would have been friends. The daughters of the Alpha and Beta. And as fate would have it,Aida would be the future Luna. Marina would have been so happy. I would have been so proud.

I shake my head to rid it of this dream that can never be. That life is gone. My father saw to that. He convinced me it was all for the best. After what I had done.

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