Chapter 12

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Argent POV

My entire drive home I was seething. That complete arse tried to defend himself. He had all but stolen Aida's life up til now. And he didn't even explain why?

I had missed a ride with father but he had sent the driver back to wait for me. He was great like that. He and I had a good relationship really. He was strict and expected a lot from me but I knew that I could go to him for anything. And he would help. I was planning to go straight to his office and lay this all on the line.

As we turned into the gates that surrounded the pack house I felt calm sliding over me.
I was so wound up. Today was epic.

I had met my mate. In a mental institution, not that it matters. It was just as father had explained it. The instant connection. I felt like I wanted to protect her immediately. And now I have to try to figure out what the fuck Dr Jasper has done to her and hope to hell its reversible.

We pull up at the front of the house. I sometimes take for granted how lucky I am to live here.
We are quite well off as packs go and the house is no exception. It stands four stories high and has immense grounds extending from the house into the wooded area beyond.

The houses of the extended pack families were dotted around the edge of the woods. The area between the house and the family houses was shared and highly guarded and protected from outside view. We were free to be ourselves here. And I wanted Aida to be a part of this too.

I head in through the large double front entrance doors and up the winding stairs to the second level.
The first level is living areas, common areas and the kitchen and dining halls.

The next two levels are split into single sex areas, guys on the second and girls on the third.
The top level is where father and the leaders are housed as well as fathers office and the meeting rooms.

I go to my room first and check for any messages on my phone.
Nothing. I was hoping that dick of a Dr had called and left a message by now.

I know it's after 4 but I need to get his sorted now.

I decide to head straight to father. I bypass any pack members in the halls and go up the stairs.

When I get to his office I forget to knock and barge straight in. I find him in the office with our pack Beta, James.

"Excuse me father, James. I should have knocked but I need to tell you something."

I move over to the right hand side of the desk that they are both seated at and take my seat next to James.
Father stands up just as I am about to tell him what the Dr had said about Aida and interrupts me.

"Son, I need to talk to you about something. It's about Aida and your sister. The Doctor, he is not what we thought."

I am taken back. He knows?
He looks at James as he speaks. It's no secret the father and son have had a strained relationship for some time. James is only a couple of years older than me but took over the Beta position when his father was stood down by father last year after the most recent vampire issues.

I feel like the worst brother ever. I forgot that Amalie was being treated with that sham of a doctor too.

"Dad I know. Well I didn't know that he was a sham but I do now. And I want to tell you now that I did something today. I know you will be mad at the risk I took but Aida is my mate and I felt like I had no choice."

I see his expression change from concern to anger.

Oh shit.

"What did you do Argent?"

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