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~Broken people are tragically beautiful~

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"You made a bet." Those four little words broke my heart into a million pieces. Saying it out loud hurt worse than I thought it would. I really should have known better. Should have known the popular jock would never ask out a girl like me unless it was for his own gain.

"Yes." You would think he would feel bad about it but he didn't.

Judging by the satisfied smirk on his face he could have cared less. The expression on his face was one I had not seen before. He was no longer the 'sweet, caring boyfriend' I thought he was.

"For how long?"

"5 months." He stated, almost proudly. "Longest 5 months of my life though." Just another blow to the heart. I felt like I was in the movie She's All That. It was kind of ironic that it was one of my favorite movies and here I am in the same situation.

"Why?" My voice cracked, further embarrassing me.

"You made a good challenge." The way he spoke was like he didn't care that he ripped my heart out and was now stepping on the pieces. In fact he seemed extremely pleased with himself.

My whole body was shutting down. No tears came to my eyes, not yet at least. For now I was hollow. All I could think was 'How could I have not seen this? Not realized it wasn't real?' .

"Didn't think it would take me 5 months to get you to confess you love me, but getting in your pants made it worth it."

All around us people watched with fascination. Of course Mitch had to do this right in the middle of the school entrance where everyone would be watching. It was almost like they told everyone to come to the front of school. And no doubt those that weren't here would hear about this in less than 30 minutes. Gossip traveled fast through high school rather you liked it or not.

"I didn't-" I started to defend myself but he interrupted me. I didn't sleep with him! We did nothing like that.

"Finding out you were also screwing my friends behind my back did hurt though." Gasps were heard through the crowd at his revelation. He was lying but no one could tell, not when he somehow made it sound like he was hurt.

The glint in his eye was enough to let me know this was his revenge for shoving him away the other night when he tried to sleep with me. Behind him his three friends were smirking, going along with the plan.

I wanted to punch the smirks right off their faces. They were all sick. Sick to place a bet on me and sick to humiliate me in front of the entire school.

"Doesn't matter anymore though. Nobody likes sloppy seconds anyways." Hundreds of eyes stared at me, all judging. All thinking I easily slept with Mitch and cheated on him.

The worst part was no one seemed to care that he placed a bet in the first place. No one seemed to care about that little fact, only that I 'cheated' on the golden boy, Mitch Lingston. I knew that no matter what I said no one was going to believe me, believe little invisible Riley Carson.

My throat closed up and my eyes started to sting. Mitch's laughter echoed around me as did everyone else's. All around me kids were talking and pointing. In a matter of seconds it was like I had become the laughing stock of the school, as well as the schools slut by what people were saying.

Not wanting to cry in front of the entire school I gripped the strap of my backpack before turning away. I had only made a few steps when Mitch spoke again.

"You weren't even a good lay."

My feet were moving before my brain caught up with it. As everyone cheered on Mitch and laughed, I ran through the parking lot to my car. With shaky hands I somehow managed to get the car started and peeled out of the parking lot in a matter of seconds.

As I drove home, tears rolling down my cheeks, I knew the rest of the school year was going to be a nightmare.


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