Chapter 10

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{} Y/N's POV {}

It's been another 4 days at this damn hospital. Is it just me, or does it seem like these white walls are beginning to cave in on me? I literally have the mental stability of a MFing tortilla in here. Nurses constantly come in to check on me, it's practically routine. It's not like I'm going to spontaneously combust. Ugh. Well, at least there's food. I reach over to the phone placed next to my hospital bed and dial the number I've memorized by now.

"Hello, this is Musutafu General Hospital's cafeteria. May I assist you?"

"Yes, hi, Could you send today's lunch special with some green tea to room 812?"

"Of course, ma'am. Your order will be sent shortly." 

"Thank you!" I smiled as I hung up, food is always makes everything better. I got out my phone and not only 5 minutes later I heard a soft knock on my door -- FOOD! "Come in!" a frail, old lady opened the door and strolled in, greeting me with a smile as she placed my food on my bed table.

"Enjoy," she bowed slightly as she began to slowly walk towards the door.

"Thank you, you never mind. Sorry." I said awkwardly. As soon as she walked out of the room, I began shoveling the food in my mouth. I must've looked like someone who hasn't eaten in days, but in reality I ate approximately two hours ago.

"You know the food isn't going anywhere, right?" I instantly recognized that voice. I am literally shoving food in my face, and he just happens to show up NOW? I slowly look up and make eye contact with the figure standing at the door.

"H-hey Shouto..." oml please kill me. He must've sensed my embarrassment from where he stood, so he began to walk towards the chair beside my bed.

"No need to be embarrassed, it was cute."

"Cute? In what world is a girl shoveling food in her face CuTe?!" I practically yelled, my face clearly getting red.

"Well, I make an exception if the girl's you..." he smiled as he looked at the floor shyly. I couldn't help it, I hid my face in my hands and quietly laughed. 

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry...that was really cheesy though."

"It really was..." he looked at me and we stared at each other for a bit then both started laughing.

"Thank you though," I shyly look down at my tray and try to find something to change the topic, "would you like some of my onigiri?"

"No, I'm fine. I ate earlier, but you should eat to regain your strength. I heard you're being discharged later today?"

"Yup...I am finally leaving this place. Let's hope I don't have to come back anytime soon." I smile gently.

"How about we go somewhere tomorrow for breakfast?" he smiles at me.

"That sounds perfect," my smile widens. Finally, doing something different.

[] TIME PASS - 9 hours []

I was finally back home. My room. My bed. Oh how I missed my beloved, soft mattress. I could feel my eyelids become heavier as I laid down, everything was peaceful. Calm. Quiet.


"OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE!" I yell out loud. Oh crap, my parents are home. Sigh. I reach for my phone and answer without looking at the caller ID.

"What. Do. You. WANT? It's 11PM and I am so done with everything. Try locking yourself in a hospital for a week because you were a dumbass and tried to fight a fucking bird. It's not fun, okay? So it'd be just perfect if you could let me sleep in my bed."

"Y-Y/N," it sounded like a guy with a deep voice, but still youthful. I'd guess about my age?

"What? Who even are you?" the line went silent.

"I'm sorry," he said with a sincere grunt. Then he ended the call.

What. The. Frick. You know what, screw that. Screw this. Screw everything. I'm going to bed.

[] TIME PASS - morning []

My parents woke me up at 9AM on a Saturday, but at least they planned to take me out to my favorite cafe for breakfast. Once I got there, I ordered a __(thing you want, idk man)__ and sat outside with my parents. I sneakily checked my phone when my parents were talking and realized I had received a text from Shouto:

<Shouto> Hey, are you feeling alright? I was wondering whether or not you'd still like to go out for lunch?

<Y/N> Yes, of course (: What time?

<Shouto> How does 12 sound? I can pick you up from your house if that's alright.

<Y/N> Yeah, that sounds great. I'll see you at 12 (:

<Shouto> See you then (:

"Y/N, who're you texting that's making you smile so much?" asked my mother, smirking.

" friend."

"What's her name?" asked my father.

"Um... his name is Todoroki..." there was an awkward pause.

"The boy from the hospital? Endeavor's son?" asked my father.


"Let him know that if he hurts you I will beat him to a pulp. I don't care who his father is."

"Dad...chill. We're just going out for lunch."

"goiNG OUT?!" yelled my father, nearly choking on his coffee.

"Oh dear, n-not like that. It's just as friends, I swear."

"Sure it is." said my parents in unison. My mother clearly smirking as she sipped her tea, and my father annoyed. What the heck does that mean? Oh frick, do they know I like him? Well it wouldn't astonish me, I'm not exactly the most 'subtle.' 

That's when I remembered the call from last night, so I went to check the caller ID. Wait what the heck? Anonymous? If that ain't the most creepiest BS right there, it must've been someone from my class pulling a 'prank.' Fricking assholes.


I need to contact her. I can't just watch as she gets whisked away by someone else. I'll just have to secretly watch her and make sure nothing happens between Y/N and him.


Q: Was this chapter shit?

A: yes.

Either way, I hope you somehow liked it. Also, who do you think "Anonymous" is?

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