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I walked outside to see an averaged height, thin boy opening the car door for me.

He had black hair, brown eyes, light brown skin and wore a grey long sleeve shirt.

"So you must be Keith." I smiled, clutching my purse.

"And you must be Aria. You look really pretty," he smiled nervously, his cheeks already showing a red tint.

Oh my god this boy was precious.

"Thank you, you look nice too."

I got in the car and we headed for the place Noah told us to meet. Keith and I made small talk along the way.

I found out his family was from Cuba, and he found out I was boring.

We parked in the parking lot. 4:59, punctual.

I took a deep breath and wiped my palms on my dress.

"Nervous?" Keith smiled.

"More than I'd like to admit."

"So, who's the guy i'll be meeting? You said you were trying to get him to back off, he's not like, dangerous or anything, is he?" Now Keith sounded like the nervous one.

"No no, not at all. If anything he's the opposite..."

I shut my eyes to compose myself, letting my emotions speak honestly for the first time.

"He has shown me more kindness than... any guy has in a long time, and the thing is he wasn't obligated to. He helped me because... he genuinely wanted to. I don't know why he continues to pursue me, I've been nothing but a burden to him time and time again. And to top it all off I push him away, constantly. Yet, he's still there wherever I turn."

I sighed.

"He seems so... so good. He deserves better."

There was silence, Keith looked at me with sympathy and comfort.

"Aria Beckett, maybe there's more to you than you think. For a guy to chase a girl is one thing - he could just be trying to get in her pants."

I cringed, I knew that already, in fact, I expected it.

"But, for a guy to get his ego bruised time and time again, just in an attempt to get to know you? I'd say that makes you something special, especially to him."

If he didn't stop soon I was gonna start crying.

"Thanks Keith, you're a lot like Gandhi, you know."

He broke out in laughter.

"Thanks? I guess?"

I ended up giggling too, I didn't laugh much anymore. Like, a real laugh. One that fills up your chest and your face is stuck in a smile, I miss it.

"You ready?" He asked.

"Ready as I'll ever be."


The place smelt like peanuts and light cologne.

It had modern looking glass tables, neon lights, rock music, a light up bar, and activities like pool tables, darts, and foosball. It seemed like a cool looking place.

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