chapter 1

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"Jackie were is my backpack I'm going to be late for school. How am I supposed to know what you did with your stuff?" Hi I'm Racheal and I live with my uncle in Orgeon out in the mountains sort of, Jackie my little spoiled cousin. Ugh why must you touch everything I have. Hey kiddos watcha doin!? " That's my uncle mike he awesome. You might be asking why I live with my uncle, well when I was 4 they ended up getting in a car accident well yeah that's how I got hear but, I mean I'm over it I didn't even know them so." Hey Racheal, said Evy (my best friend) it's been about 4 months of school so far and its been really long. Im just someone who is trying to survive 10th grade without having a break down.

"So what are your plans for the project?" Evy said oh my God I completely forgot about that! Shit well looks like I will be grounded this weekend!

* This was my first story it might be terrible but still learning everything I'm new to wattpad

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