Noriaki Kakyoin : Caravan Romp

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"Well goodbye."


Upon arrival, it had taken him a while to get used to this caravan. Unable to communicate verbally, but he had made it clear about his thoughts through a combination of sign language and gestures. Attempting to adapt, Kakyoin caught him opening cupboards, peeking at the glass trinkets inside. Peering his head through the caravan door, a scarlet eyebrow cocked in curiosity. Your three children, two twin girls and a boy, had become a fondness of the green, snake like ooze-pot, most likely due to the emotional attachment to you had with his User. Thankfully, it meant that they could be kept entertained when you and their father were trying to do something important. They usually responded well.

Hierophant Green raised his eyes in joy, exhibiting his third success through animated hand gestures. At last, he'd finally cleared the youngest, a boy of three years old, of all his cash and properties. His User, Noriaki Kakyoin had been teamed up with his son since he'd been promising the children a gaming session all week. Unfortunately, work had sapped him before the family holiday began and the only games in the caravan were Taboo and Monopoly. Hierophant would seriously struggle with Taboo, meaning the latter was selected instead.
"Well done Hierophant!" you exclaimed happily, proud that the mute melon man could be a part of the family game. He was a part of the family after all, you treated him like your child even though he was attached to your husband. Hierophant had been incredibly docile to begin with, solely taking orders from Kakyoin, but once Egypt was over and he had settled in, he'd grown into more of a free spirit. Obviously, the spirit hamon felt comfortable around his family. Of course, problems still surfaced, such as nightmares and PTSD like symptoms, but each bump in the road was dealt with and moved forward with love.
Sighing as the kids argued over the winner, the boy was picked up in his father's strong grip, cuddled into submission.
"Right, it's bedtime," he softly informed, pressing a kiss atop his son's adorable, tiny button nose. "Come on, let's get ready for bed."
"But Daddy! We're on holiday, can't we have one more game?" Weathered eyes scrunched up at his beautiful baby's eyes staring up at him, lethargy clearly setting in from the drive up. It tore his heart in two that they were disappointed in his final decision, but his young ones needed their sleep. Besides, you would kill him if he let them stay up any later. It was already 10pm!
"You need to go to sleep, it's late you know!" You stood up, ushering the kids to go along with their father. "Even Hierophant is coming to bed, aren't you?" He reacted with a nuzzle to your body, soft flesh making your husband notice a warm, sunny feeling in the pit of his stomach. His Stand was enamoured to you to the level he was.
Overhearing sweet giggles and sing song as he tickled the girls, Audrey and Seiko, waving them above his head in turn, you grinned to yourself as the realisation they were going to be too giddy to sleep crossed your mind. "Permission!" The shout startled Kakyoin. "To enter the ring?!"
Approaching your children they chimed with laughter, the boy, Tenmei, jumping up and down on the shallow mattress. "Darling, don't do that! Those aren't ours!"
"But Mummy I'm a sumo westler!" Noriaki blushed a little, pretending to run at his young boy before hanging him over his head, red strands of hair ruffling where he rubbed his plump tummy over his face, showered with loving kisses.
"Nori, you've got him all sparky!" Turning your head to the girls, who shared his crimson curl, you picked them up one by one, lying them down to tuck them in with a barrage of kisses to their pink, chubby faces. "You too, mister! No more sumo wrestling tonight!"
Tenmei, still in the Japanese man's arms, was swooped into bed, tucked in with a tender kiss. "Goodnight, Sweetheart. Me and Mom are just in the next room if you need anything, alright?"

Finally, twenty minutes passed and neither girl nor boy had left their beds. They were definitely exhausted after the lengthy drive up! Plonking yourself on the sofa, the silence was godly, soothing your heavy lids. You took this moment to rest your eyes, sleep calling out to you like a Siren's mesmerising song. Before you were able to fall asleep, Noriaki nuzzled your sensitive neck with his nose, taking in your perfumed scent with a sensual grin plastered across his chops.
"Tired love?"
"Yeah... I might have to go to bed too, you know, Darling." Snuggling into his broad chest, you were cuddled closer, sinking into the flat cushions of the sofa. Gently pushing strands your hair away from your ear, he whispered a proposition to you.
"Don't you want to watch some TV? They're in bed." The idea sounded so tempting. Kids in bed, snuggled up with your man watching telly : Sans interruptions.
Flicking the television on, M4M flashed up, halfway into Blade II. Unbothered, you decided to watch it since it was mindless.
Suddenly, not even a minute into your personal viewing, you felt warm fingers trail up your thigh. Glancing down at the hand, it followed the arm towards the person's gorgeous violet eyes, still dark and beautiful beneath the scars N'Doul left behind.
"What?" He mumbled, terrible at feigning innocence beneath that scheming grin. Leaning in, he pressed a kiss to whatever his lips hit. You'd avoided his mouth, turning your head away so his face fell into the crook of your neck instead. Continuing to test the waters, he was gentle, peppering small pecks all over the receptive area. One palm absent-mindedly felt its way along the creases of his shirt, smoothing right over his abs whilst the other hovered around his cheek. A powdery burn rose to your cheeks when your skin prickled with pain, sharp hickey darkening your flesh. Noriaki pulled away, admiring his mark. Before he could dive back in, you blocked his path with your hand, murmuring something under your breath.
"Nori! It's too hot to wear a scarf!"
"Don't wear one then..." Giggling, it just spurred him on further, stoking the light in his groin.
"They might not be asleep yet!"
Being married with three children was difficult, especially balancing a job with the Speedwagon Foundation as well. Whilst there was no lack of love by any stretch, the pair of you didn't exactly find time for intimacy anymore and it was no secret Kakyoin's sex drive had always been pretty high. Less time at home meant when he did see you, he just wanted to rip your clothes off you. You surfed the channels, finding any old mindless shit to watch.
However, he wasn't interested in the screen, only you. His stare in the bluish glare was distracting, even when you changed position to rest your head on his chest. To be completely honest, you couldn't even pinpoint the last time you had sex, or even just spent some time together.
"Y/N," he purred, carving a small pattern into your thigh with the tip of his finger. "I want you." Flustered, you covered your face with one hand, grinning into it. The Japanese man beamed, batting it away from the cutest sight. You allowed him to shuffle right up close to you, breathing so hot on your ear you almost dropped the remote. "I want you right now." Giggling filthily, you shoved the remote into his stomach, a heavy breath futzing against your ribcage. "What's wrong?"
"Stop it." Biting his tongue, he changed the channel, now going into the baby channels. No matter how quick he pressed the plus button, there was a delay on the television. Even though you didn't want to wake the kids up, part of you wanted him to just chuck you on the sofa and take you this moment.
"Ooh, sumo! Gee, never thought they would have that on UK freeview."
"You're such a dork." Standing up, your husband brushed the rumples out of his shirt, smirking as you continued to watch the match haphazardly. Glancing up at him, he looked as if he was going to take off. "Where are you going?"
"I've seen this match. He delivers the final blow with this," thrusting forward, you squeaked as he lifted your waist up, carrying you over to the single chair on the other side of the room, facing the side of the television. Pawing your inner thighs, you took each side of his head in a firm grip should he try anything. "Can I make you a squirming, squealing, shuddering mess with just my tongue?"
"Noriaki, I said stop!"
"Stop what? I didn't say where I was going to put my tongue. You filled that one in yourself." He knew what you liked. Exactly what you liked. There was no escape now. He was getting you started up.
"I- I'd like you to but I can't keep quiet!"
"Well, can I at least lick you here," tormenting you with a quick lick to the ankle, which was conveniently draped over his shoulder, he kissed the wet spot, totally ignoring the hand warning him away. His lips continued travelling upwards towards your knee, each touch and nip making your stomach knot further in anticipation. You didn't move, allowing him to cover your leg in lust.
"Nori! I mean it!" He could see through your false anger, the way your chest was jittering against your ribs. It was useless trying to tell him no, because you wanted it. You wanted him, it was just that being caught be someone or several under six was a huge risk.
"But, am I making you feel nice, Y/N? Do you like it when I touch you like this?" Whispering through bites and sucks to your marshmallow-like thigh skin, he stroked a line over your clothed slit, where there was already a dark patch, hints of your juices on his fingertips. "You're so wet, Y/N." He pushed the fabric of your panties to the side, pulling your thighs apart as you slid down the back of the chair, hips parallel to the seat. Looking over your glorious opening for a few seconds, he took two fingers and gently slid them into your welcoming warmth, prompting a slight arch in your back as he curled them inwards.
"Oh... My God..." You whimpered through an uneasy smile. "I haven't felt like this in ages..." Eyes shut, you searched for the backrest as he began to slide in and out of you, airy, delectable moans were already beginning to leave your mouth despite trying to clamp it shut with your own fingers.
"Is that nice?"
You could barely moan in reply. The feeling of building up after so long was too euphoric. Bucking your hips a little on his hands, he couldn't help but watch you desperately trying to claw something, begging yourself to be silent so you weren't heard.
However, you were starting to get a bit louder now, orgasmic bliss starting to set in. Though not too loud, it was still a little worrying he supposed.
Withdrawing the hand, he wrenched your knickers off your legs, tossing them to the side where they weren't in the way. Panting needily, you helped him undo his pale blue shirt buttons as he unclasped his belt, flashing a look of hungry pleasure at him as it clicked off. Pushing the pesky pants down to his knees, you shrugged the shirt off his shoulders prior to being guided back onto the chair, captured in a steamy kiss. Speedily thrusting into your entrance, the man wasn't sweet and gentle like usual. It rendered you breathless almost immediately. Walls already squeezing tightly around his prick, he could barely breathe. Hopefully, this was just going to be the quickie he needed in order to survive.
"Oh. Oh, you feel so fucking amazing." As Kakyoin's pace picked up, so did his breaths, hitching and peaking like your pitched squeaks. Maddeningly grasping at his neck and back, it was difficult to hold back a little smile when you were ground even harder into the mattress, which squeaked under people's weight just sitting down on it.
"Don't stop... Oh God, don't stop," you hissed, frantically kissing his ear, his neck, his collarbone, whatever you could find. Choking out a "harder", you were fairly sure if he withdrew himself now, you would die. He felt so amazing inside of you after all this time he'd spent at work. Nothing could go wrong. You had made it this far. You were gasping his name in the dim light of the TV. His hands were sliding up and down your back and neck. He was going to finish up and-
"Where is Hero-pant?"
It took a few seconds for the information to register in your mind since you were utterly wrapped up in your gorgeous husband pounding you into the chair.
"Why are you hurting Mummy?"
Cracking one eye open, you caught the small child's silhouette beside the kitchenette. Both eyes took in the image, panic flooding your mind. What the fuck were you supposed to say?!

There you were, panting desperately against your husband next to the television, so you couldn't even say you were watching it! You wanted the carpet to swallow you up. You prayed you hadn't traumatised your little boy, your only little boy. Was he even going to be old enough to remember? Guilt panged in your stomach as you snaked your arms around your husband's neck, bumbling some nonsense about how you absolutely, definitely, WERE NOT having sex.
Kakyoin cleared his throat, unsure if he should pull out or stay where he was. He decided against pulling out, worried he would expose anything else. He shouldn't have even required this thought process.
"Mummy and Daddy are... Sumo wrestling. Yes. That's why Daddy has his shirt off." Brimming with the need to either laugh or cry, all you could do was bite your lip and stammer.
You had told him. You had warned him. You were so. Going. To. Kill. Him. If. He. Survived. This. Embarrassment.
"Y-Yes. Mummy is losing." Tenmei didn't respond, instead rubbing his eyes and looking around as if you weren't there.
"Um... We're sorry we woke you, Darling. You should go back to bed." The child waved to the corner of the room, the lamp silently bidding him goodnight in his dreamlike state.
"Bye bye, Hero-pant."

As if nothing happened, he just tottered off to bed, but banged his nose on the door frame trying to navigate to his room. Crying cut into the evening, what was once a stunned silence becoming an anxious whine. Pushing away, you threw on his shirt, wrapping it around yourself just enough to cover the important bits.
"I should probably go and check he's okay..."

To say that had been a boner kill was an understatement. You returned within a couple minutes, concluding your little man had been in fact sleepwalking again and hopefully would not remember in the morning.
Folding your arms, you were a little disappointed that you were interrupted, as was Kakyoin, but glad you got to spend some time with your lover after all. Collapsing back onto the sofa where he already resided, sat properly as if you were just going to spend the rest of the night watching TV, he nudged you, grinning smugly.
"Want me to finish you off?" Playfully lobbing a closed fist at his face, he apologised profusely.
"You slut! I'm going to bed – Without you!"

The smirk was wiped off his face completely, making him chase you down the hallway and halfway through the door. Pulling on your arm, it slid through his large hands as you continued to make your way to bed, turning only once to kiss him goodnight through a crack in the door.
"Goodnight, Noriaki."
"I'll get you tomorrow. Watch me."
"I look forward to it. Just make sure the kids are in bed."

Shutting the door with a small click, he rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. All that was left now was to make himself comfortable on the sofa, and dream up what he was going to do to you tomorrow.

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