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It's been a long time since I had lunch with others. I usually sat alone or stayed in class. I preferred it that way. Now, with this new addition to our school I was never alone. No matter how many times I said "No" That word wasn't registered in her vocabulary. One time I refused to go for lunch, no matter what she said -and she said a lot-. I just sat there a held my ground, refusing to be dragged again. She, -stupidly- refused to go too.

"You either come with or I stay!" she declared and perfectly ignored my annoyance.

"Then I guess you'll stay!" I bit at her.

I could have used 'Abby having lunch alone' as an excuse to get her off my back, but knowing that today was Wednesday and Abby had an extra credit art class she was doing.

By the fifth period there was a low grumble, "Was that your stomach?" I said with all the means of embarrassing her just for the mere fact that her stubbornness put her in this situation.

"Well, since your awfulness refused to move, you are stuck with the band," she bit back, but not as harsh as her words sounded, there was a smile in there.

I sighed and shook my head. There was a twinge in my chest every time I heard the low rumble. It can't be guilt that I'm feeling. I didn't stop her from going. She chose to stay on her own free will. Then why do I have this awful feeling boring into my soul that I did something horrible? God, I never met anyone that stubborn in my life! She was driving me crazy. Sort of. And because of her I attended all lunch breaks after that. UGH!

Strange how those little things start to grow on you. Because of her stubbornness, I started to look forward to our lunch breaks. Even though we were classmates and she was my partner in most of them. Lunch, was something different and Skye never gave my pride a chance. She always managed to 'burst my bubble'. Lunch wasn't the only thing that was growing on me. The chirp of her voice when she said, 'good morning', as she took her place next to me and the 'catch you later', when she left at the end of the day. The mellow tone of her voice. The sound of her laugh. The smell of her perfume that belonged to no one but her. 

Even though I memorized our lunch spot like the back of my hand by now, I welcomed the soft touch of her hand on my arm every time we walked there or to one of our joined classes.

Skye talked a lot about her brother Matt that I wanted to meet the little guy. I learned that she was allergic to all types of seafood, fish, shellfish, roe anything that comes out of water. And strangely eggplants too. I stopped eating any of those. Why? I haven't got a clue.

And Abby wasn't bad either. She always brought us something with her from the cafeteria. Juices, sandwiches, awful pudding. Her funny stories never ended. She made Skye laugh and was a good friend to her, and me. I slowly started to warm up to the idea of being around her.

We just finished biology class when Skye asked, "Do you mind if another person joined our lunch group?"

She caught me in one of my grumpy moods and I wasn't concentrating, "What?"

She took a deep breath and cleared her throat, "Here it goes. Abby has a huge crush on this guy who's in her extra-credit class. So, she asked me, to ask you, if it was okay with you if she asked him to join us during lunch. This is me asking you if Your Awfulness would... um... grant them your blessings in the matter", she heaved a breath.

I knew almost every guy in school. We hadn't had any recent new students, besides Skye. Most of the guys were either in my classes or I met in the hallway and none seemed -Abby material-. "That was a lot of asking. Who?" I finally asked when I came up with nothing.

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