Stage Nine

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Hanging up my phone I put away the case I just finished

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Hanging up my phone I put away the case I just finished. Reuniting a family torn apart by the corrupt system that is the USA. My favorite part of my job is bringing happiness to ones that deserve it.

I've been in my office since seven this morning a break is much needed.

"Knock knock its mommy." My mother comes walking in.

"Hello mother." She kisses my head brush over my hair.

"You plan to get a cut soon?"

"Thinking about growing it out actually."

"Mmm maybe not we gotta keep that professional look son remember."

"Yes there's nothing unprofessional about my hair mother. Did you need something?"

As of lately I don't feel as close to my mother as I once was. I guess being a item for sale can take a toll on a person after so long. I'm not even her son her partner anymore I'm just a way for her to make more money. These "relationships" aren't even meant to last long it's just to seal a deal and no one involved cares about how it ends.

"Mr James and I were talking about business." She sits in one of the chairs in front of my desk.

Ok this might be legit this guy only has sons and I know she's knows I'm not that way.

"Ok does he need some kind of legal document or..."

"Um no actually he just wants to take our family to dinner. As you know as official coming together for business. You and me...Jame and his niece."

I knew it sound to good to be true. "I'm busy."

"With what that colored pony?" She rolled her eyes.

"Or work you know the thing I do to make money for my daughter. When's the last time you did some work that didn't include pimping me out?"

"I'm the boss I don't do work people do my work for me."

"Yeah well I'm not there yet and still have to do my own so if you will show yourself out."

She was obviously shocked but I'm at my limits with these games. A knock broke the awkward silence with my assistant peaking in. "You have some visitors."

"Daddy!" Hope ran over. "Look I'm a kitty." Climbing in my lap she shows me her face paint.

"Oh your his nanny....thank goodness I thought you were entertaining this female."

Tammy cut her eyes at my mom. "Lady not today I'm not in the mood for your attitude I came here for your son not you."

"Excuse you! This my building I will call security on your ratchet over blown up ass!"

"Mother leave my office now." Sitting hope in my seat I gently push her out. "This will be the last time you disrespect her."

"And who do you think you are talking to young man!? You can fuck some bar hood rat but won't help me make money for our future!?"

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