Uma's Point

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First off, I'm back! Second, this song though.


Willow went back to her room find Uma and Mal fighting. Her room was a wreck and Uma's and Mal's clothes were a mess and held swords in hand. Evie was out cold, leaning on the wall. Carlos made sure she was okay and Jay held him forearm to stop any bleeding from the large cut on it. Jane was in the corner, afraid to intervene and Lonnie was no where to be found.

You are probably wondering how it all came to be, well...


Earlier that day...

Uma woke up after crying her heart out from being embarrassed. The whole ordeal with Lance and Lola reminded her of how she felt years ago when Mal embarrassed her. A fire of angry grew in her as she stood up. At the same time, Mal and Evie walked in with snacks and a pile of movies. Uma glared at the now Auradon girls, which Mal returns. Evie smiled quickly before setting everything down. If she was ever going to be on Willow's good side, she would have to play nice with Uma and convince Mal to do the same.

"You look a little washed out, let me help." Without warning, Evie grabbed onto Uma's face.

"No, don't touch." Uma commands, smacking her hand away. "Where's Willow?"

"She went to take care of something. She'll be back later." Mal informed her enemy.

"Then I don't have a reason to be here anymore." Uma fires before heading towards the door when Jane, Lonnie, Carlos, and Jay came in. Uma backed up and was in a fighting stance. They all looked at her weird.

"I've gotten the ice cream, Carlos has the popcorn, Jane has the chocolate, and Jay just ordered the pizza, half pepperoni and half with everything." Lonnie told then all.

"I've got the chips and Evie grabbed the movies." Mal said back. Uma was still confused with the whole thing, were they about to have a... get-together?

"What should we play first?" Jane asked, sitting herself next to Carlos. Everyone got comfortable, all except Uma. The last spot was conveniently next to Mal.

"Yeah, no thanks. I'm just going to go." When. Uma opened the door, she was stopped by Aaron who wore a goofy smile.

"Now, now. Willow warning me that you would try to leave. She asked me to tell you to stay until she gets back." Aaron passed on the message. Uma slammed the door and turned around to see the Auradon kids. She sighed and sat down with a huff and puff.

"What are we watching?" Uma asked, arms crossed. Lonnie popped the movie in and it began.

One movie later...

"Why would she jump back onto the boat?" Uma yelled at the screen. They all watched intensely at the movie playing in front of them. Carlos did his best not to cry and Jane held him close to comfort him.

One movie later...

"I would definitely stay with someone who builds me a house." Evie said, making everyone laugh. Uma joined in and watched the dazzling Ryan Gosling.

One movie later...

"See, I knew Dom didn't betray his family." Jay shouted. Uma muttered something under her breath that Mal caught.

"What was that?" Lonnie asked. Uma looked at Mal with a fake smile.

"Not everyone can be like Mal." Jay held Mal back so she wouldn't attack. Uma smirked.

Uma 1 point, Mal 0 points.

One movie later...

"Gale." "Peeta.""Gale!" "Peeta!"

Mal and Uma yelled at one another. They stood in front of each other ready to attack at one another. The rest of them stood off to the side. How did an amazing movie day become a violent one? Hunger Games.

"You always had bad taste in guys, Mal."

"I would say the same for you, but you haven't had a boyfriend in your life." Mal fired back.

"Girls, please, it's just a movie." Lonnie tried to calm everyone, only to be fired with magic. Suddenly she was the size of a doll. Uma was the one with her hand out towards Lonnie, she fired the magic.

Jane picked up tiny Lonnie and coward to the corner of the room. Uma made her sword appear and pointed it at Mal. Mal's eye widened before making her own sword appear as well. Jay, Carlos, and Evie didn't know what to do... that's where all hell broke loose.

"Oh, Willow is not gonna like this." Evie said, running a hand through her blue hair. Suddenly the clashing of sword started, things were knocked off their place. Evie ran over to stop the fight when Mal's elbow collide with Evie's face, pushing her back and hitting her head on the desk. Evie was out cold.

"Evie!" Jay and Carlos shouted. Carlos ran over to check on the poor girl and Jay tried to push the fight grabbing on to Uma's arm and twisting it to her back. Uma swing the sword violently and created a large gash on Jay's right forearm. He fell back and held it to stop the bleed.

The door opened up at the right moment before Mal and Uma could finish the fight. It was a confused pirate with a hook, a worried pirate looking at Uma, and very angry red haired witch.

Present Time...

"I LEAVE FOR A FEW HOURS AND YOU COMPLETELY DESTROY MY ROOM!! EVIE IS OUT COLD AND LONNIE IS SHRUNKEN TO THE SIZE OF A PENCIL!!!" Willow yells at the purple and teal haired girls. Gil walked over to Uma in worry.

"You alright, captain?"

"Yeah..." Uma looked down at her feet. Willow looked between her captain and Gil.

"Uma, please turn Lonnie back to normal." Willow asked in desperation. Uma sighed before waving her hand to turn Lonnie back to her tall self. She looked mortified.

"Now I know how bugs feel..."

"All this stress is not good for the babies." Harry muttered. He began to pick up objects from the floor when Willow stopped him.

"No, let Uma and Mal do this. They made the mess, they clean it up." Willow smirked, hooking her arm with Harry's. "Let's get something to eat, I'm starving."

"Yes, love." Harry led her out of the room with the other behind them. The only two left was Mal and Uma, they got to work.


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