Eyes On Her

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Part 20-

Y/N-" well it's hard to forget a beautiful face like yours baby girl"

Demi-" (goes shy) shh you! I'm so so glad you're okay!! So Y/N please don't shout at me, but I didn't know what to do. I thought you was going to.... Um... Ya no? Well I was scared, so I called your father, he's sat outside he said he didn't want to come in yet, shall I get him and you can talk to them and explain what happened? please don't shout at me I didn't know who to call" she said with a sad look on her face

Y/N-" leave the fucking room now and don't fucking step back into this hospital. Do you understand me?"

Demi-" I-I didn't need to cause a fight with us, I'm sorry Y/N.. I thought I was doin-"


* Demi got up walked to the doors*

Y/N-" ohh Demi give me my phone thanks to you I have to give someone call to get that asshole out this hospital, before umm nothing" you fake smile

Demi-" my mom got it. I'll go get it and bring it back okay? Umm I can get Eddie to get him out? All my family here I'm sure they can get him out?" Holding tears

Y/N-" okay"


As soon as she said "father" my brain ran to my past. I wanted to break down and cry but that would lead to her asking me shit which I ent up to right now so I held them back, but instead I let My anger came out. Yes maybe I shouldn't of took it out on Demi but what fucking right does she have going through my phone and calling my family. Yeah she's my girlfriend and all that but she wouldn't like it, well her story different to my family. She has caring family, that love her. And she didn't have a fucked up family like mine, what kind of father best their child? Even if I looked at him if my mother wasn't in the room he would get up and punch me in the face or wherever he could. As soon as Demi left the room I closed my eyes, just all came back, i just let the tears fall down my face. They is a reason why she hasn't met them maybe she should of thought of that before fucking calling that so called father of mine, to be honest he would be better dead than here. What does he even want, he's never bothered with me after what happened well that's because he couldn't near me or else he'd be in a cell where he belongs!! I didn't want him to find me, I did so well keeping on the low. Yeah my "father" ffs father? Nahh.. Brad came over to LA to come look for me because he wanted to make things right yeah whatever.


I came home from school one day, there he was on the sofa no clothes on and fucking one of my mates why my mom was lying in a hospital bed. My mother was dying from a car crash she was in a coma to start with she wasn't going to make it but me and my family held hope incase she came back from this. We all kept praying. And after six months of being in a coma the doctor said it's best if we let her go because we just causing different problems keeping her alive. So we all agree it's the best if we just let her go to the angles. Anyways... He just acted like I wasn't there, I got mad. I grabbed this little slut twated her in front of my dad before kicking her on the door. I walked over to my dad slap him across the face, yeah I grew balls. One thing no one knew he beat me. The broken bones had it all, always had to lie to my mother always said I did it at football and boxing. To be honest I was crap at lying but she believed it.

Anyways, after that I ran upstairs he came running after me, yep he's pissed up. I quickly locked my bedroom door ran to my bed and hid under the covers.

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