girls just want to have fun

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jane hopper strolled up to the doorway of max mayfield's house, her breathing heavy.

just that morning, max had asked el to sleepover at her house.

the idea sounded fun at first, but that quickly changed once she found out it would be just her and max.

the thing is, el had only ever slept over at mike's house with the entire party.

now that mike wasn't going to be there, she didn't know who would comfort her if she had a nightmare, or who would cover her eyes during the tornado scene of the wizard of oz.

the nervous girl attempted to push those negative thoughts out of her head, and brought her trembling, clenched fist to the door.

the door opened to reveal a rambunctious ginger, grinning excitedly.

"hey, eleven! uh, here, let me take your bag." max offered, grabbing the bag from her hands.

"call me el."

"are you sure?" max asked, tilting her head.

"yeah, that's what my friends call me." el smirked.

el laughed loudly as her friend threw another piece of popcorn at her.

"you peed your pants at school?!" el said in between a fit of giggles.

"shut up! i was in the third grade!" max rolled her eyes playfully, grabbing a handful of popcorn from the bowl.

"i wish i could go to school." el huffed, her eyes trailing to the ground.

"trust me when i say this, it sucks. all we do is sit there for eight hours while teachers talk about participles and absolute value equations." max lightly chuckled.

"what are p-participles and absolute value
e-qua-tions?" she asked, stuttering over the unfamiliar words.

"i don't even know. my point is, school's the worst."

"at least you get to see your friends." el protested, letting out another sigh.

"yeah, i guess you're right. and i get to see lucas, too." max blushed, thinking of the boy who she often called stalker.

"and lucas?" el inquired, clearly confused. max and lucas had always seemed like great friends to el, really great friends.

"w-well, i just mean that things are... different with lucas." max stammered, sitting up and scratching the back of her neck.

el took notice of her actions, and sat up along with her.

"different? how are they different?" she continued on, crossing her legs.

"we're more than friends."

"more than friends? how can you be more than friends?"

"we're like you and mike, i guess. boyfriend and girlfriend." she giggled.

"what does that mean?"

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