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                        Jack p.o.v
My mom went to go and get the person staying with us I think its staying in my room so I'm just going to sleep on my couch inside of my room.

Isla-Jack please dont be mean to the new girl.
Jack-I'll try what's her name?
Ava-Madison Sutton.

I didn't know who she was but if she doesn't know who's place she's in she is going to get beat.

                       Maddie p.o.v
A women came by to pick me up.

Women-Hi I'm Kristin Avery your mom's friend.
Maddie-Hi I'm Maddie. 
Kristin-Come on so I have a son name Jack he's a flirt and can be really mean but don't let him bother you.

I didn't think she knew that he beats me when I'm at school.

Kristin-We're home Ava, Sydnie, Isla, Jack come down stairs.
Isla-Hi I'm Isla.
Ava-I'm Ava and that's Sydnie.
Jack-Hi bye.

When Jack came down stairs he had no shirt on and ripped jeans on. I guess I was staring because Ava pulled me up to her room. But Jack stopped us.

Jack-Is this the new girl.

He smirked just like when he put me in the locker. I need to talk to some one about this maybe Ava.

Maddie-Ava can I talk to you.
Maddie-Jack bullies me at school.
Ava-That fucker.
Maddie-.....I have to stay in his room.
Ava-Stay in mine.
Jack-Nope mom said she is in my room.

He smirked again I was to scared to even look at him.

Ava-Well you bully her.
Jack-No its called flirting right Maddie.

He lookes at me mad I was scared.

Maddie-Um......Yah I guess.
Ava-You didn't have to lie. 
Maddie-I was scared.
Ava-Sorry but you have to stay with him.

I was in his room then I suddenly feel asleep.

                          Jack p.o.v
It was morning and we were suppose to go to school but I ended up taking me and her to Logan's and to see the Why Don't We boys with Logan.

Logan-Hey Maddie.
Maddie-Hi Logan.
Maddie-Hi mark.

                       Maddie p.o.v
Me and Mark were talking in private.

Mark-Anyone bulling you?
Maddie-Don't worry it's nothing.
Logan-Why didn't you tell me?
Logan-That Chance and Jake bullied you when you were young.
Maddie-I don't know ok he said if I told anyone he would do worst that just hurt me.

I was crying and couldn't stop and Jack and Why Don't We boys were at the door.

Logan-That son of a Bitch is anyone else bullying you.

I looked at the door way to see Jack shocked.


Jack-Maddie can we talk?
Jack-I'm sorry for bullying you I didn't know....
Maddie-Its fine.
Jack-You have a deep cut in Your arm.

                           Jack p.o.v.
After I told her she had a cut and it was deep she started to shake and hyperventilate. When I took her to the bathroom I put alcohol on it and she yanked her arm back. I gave her a glare and she stopped. She didn't like blood. Its probably she got bullied her whole life. Her head was on my chest because how scared she was that slowed down the shaking. After that she left with mark.

Corbyn-You like her don't you?
Corbyn-Are you sure?
Corbyn-Then treat her like you did when you bullied her.

It was the next day I walked up to Maddie and backed her up into the wall.

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