• Cooking Lesson •

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You and Michael live together in Neverland, and recently Michael has had some much-deserved time off. When your chef wasn't there you always prepared meals for Michael and yourself, which you gladly did because you loved cooking. One day you and Michael had just finished a Disney movie marathon and couldn't decide what to do next...

The end credits of 'The Emperor's New Groove'  played as you sat on the couch with Michael, your head leaned against his shoulder and your legs lazily draped over his as he stroked your hair absentmindedly. 

You had both been laughing non-stop during the movie and you had to try and catch your breath when it ended, sighing happily as you both lazily watched the credits.

"What do you want to do now honey?" Michael nuzzled against the side of your face and left a lingering kiss on your cheek. You smiled and leaned into his touch as you hummed, considering your options.

"I honestly don't know, we should probably think about getting some food soon though... well, I should, after you ate all my popcorn" you say playfully. Michael had been softly kissing down your jawline, a sure possibility that the moment could escalate into something more. Your playful words killed that potential mood, though, as Michael suddenly stopped and feigned offence before you both laughed.

"The worst part is that I'm still hungry" he giggled and you shook your head, a wide smile on your face.

"Michael if I ate as much as you I'd be the size of this mansion" you laughed.

"And I'd still love you" he responded with a wide grin, causing your expression to mirror his perfectly.

"Come on boy, let's get you some chow" you said in a terrible New York accent, which made Michael giggle hysterically before following you to the kitchen.

During Michael's time off he had also given all the staff at Neverland holiday, so it really was just Michael and you alone together. You smiled to yourself as you walked to the kitchen, loving that it was completely peaceful, the only sounds being the footsteps belonging to Michael and yourself. Soon enough the pair of you reached the kitchen and you gestured to the large room in a dramatic manner, making Michael laugh once more.

"We could literally have anything we want!" you grin up at him, "thanks to my excellent culinary skills" you continued, playfully bragging. Michael grinned and you both walked towards the fridge. You hummed to yourself as your eyes scanned the ingredients and Michael stooped down to rest his head on your shoulder from behind.

"How about...pasta?" you turned your face to look at Michael's, who smiled down at you and nodded before helping you grab ingredients for the sauce and the pasta.

"Right Jackson, can I put you in charge of cooking the pasta while I prepare the sauce?" you said playfully, handing him the bag. For a moment he looked unsure but then smiled brightly and nodded. He began pouring the pasta in a saucepan, guessing how much to use, before he stood puzzled. He turned his head to look at you as you peeled the vegetables and hummed under your breath. Michael thought for a moment, narrowing his eyes in concentration, but turned back to the pan and cracked his knuckles.

He fumbled around, trying to find the correct dial for the hob, and finally got the right one, jumping a little when the small flame appeared. You turned your head in amusement but soon went back to concentrating on your task. Michael stopped for a minute before slowly and cautiously placed the pan over the heat, as if it would bite his hand off if he got too close. He shrugged to himself, assuming it would be okay, before watching the pasta in the pan expectantly.

"Does it normally take this long? Or... go a funny colour?" he asked you over his shoulder after a few minutes of patiently watching and waiting. 

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