The souls of two kings revenge

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After scourges death the exes bring you home and now will protect you. They will take you with then just in case if another threat come and try to harm you. You didn't mind it though as you were happy that they stay by your side. Everything was going great or is it? 

??? pov

I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY KILLED ME AND TOOK Y/N AWAY FROM ME!! I will make them pay..they all will pay for what they did. I will make y/n as my queen not those idiots. But how would i do it? Suddenly i see a shadow figure as i float towards them. They looked like shadow but different . "who are you?" I ask it as he looks at me as he doesn't have a mouth. "the name is mephiles the dark..." He said low as the shadow fog slowly form around him. "what do you want?" I growl at him as i ready to attack but he only chuckles at me. "i know what you're after and i want to help." He said as i look at him. "oh yeah and why should i trust you?" "we both have the same revenge on those three hedgehog who has the princess. They killed both of us because we want the girl. But i found the item to stop them." When he said they he pull out a dark emerald? "what is that?" I ask him as the emerald glow a bit. "this is the nightmare emerald the dangerous one of all and it can make those three weak and powerless. "He explains as i smirk. "now that we be able to take them down." I say as the two of us laugh as our revenge begins.... 

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