Poems for the Sad and Secluded

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Author: lavieenrose2803

Genre: Poetry


I think the cover and the title work very well together, and they both emphasize the purposes and reasons for your poems. Each of the poems are a bit sad, but they are written so that they can be interpreted differently by anybody! 

You mentioned in your request that the first few poems were rough and that the book starts off badly. I think that as long as you express your personal style and feelings, there's no way you can go wrong! I never think of poems as "bad," unless they are loaded with spelling/grammatical errors (and even then, they only need to be improved :) ). 

I thought your first poem expressed a clear point, and it was written with many metaphors and similes. I think you did an excellent job of incorporating literary devices into your writing, and you finish by clearly stating the purpose of the poem: "Roses come with thorns, and my garden is full of them."
Your second poem is written with a very enticing rhyme scheme and the point of the poem is clearly expressed. I finds that most of your poems end quite abruptly, yet the last verses are always very powerful and expressive. Although your poems were never uninteresting or bland, I can see how your writing has changed over time. Your later poems are more more deep and emotional, and the audience can really feel the mood and purpose behind them. 

I didn't find any grammatical or spelling errors, and your poems flowed very nicely. I could see that you used a variety of different rhyme schemes in your poems, and they were all used flawlessly and the poems flowed nicely. You did an excellent job of using similes and metaphors to emphasize your points. 

When you first requested a review, you mentioned that in some areas you explained the meanings behind your poems. Originally, I was against this idea because I felt that it would limit your readers' thoughts and interpretations. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see that you actually explained the purpose and inspiration behind your poems, yet they were still very open for different interpretations. I think it is interesting to hear how you found the inspiration and meanings for your writing, yet your audience can see the poems in a way that relates to them. 

Overall, I find your work to be a real series of art. Each of the the poems are very heartfelt and clear, yet there is enough room for your audience to interpret them differently. I found the poems to be written beautifully, and for lack of a better word, they are truly written POETICALLY! You did an excellent job of letting your brief words speak for themselves, and you didn't need to go into too much detail. I am extremely excited to read more of your work!

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