Chapter 3

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Daegu International School.

Students of different ages were filling in the main hall, chattering loudly with growling stomachs. Everyone was looking forward to the opening feast and the short speech our Head mistress always gives. Everyone except US. Yumi, I and some other poor victims of those mysterious stink balls were late. We were busy spraying ourselves with a tub of perfume and almost missed the feast thanks to someone. When we reached the hall, our Headmistress was done addressing and students were digging in.

I was just over stuffing myself with the delicious dishes when a girl caught my sight. She was sitting with the trio beside Chanyeol or almost on him laughing on their jokes. I inspected her closely. Hmmm...not bad though. She had black hair and and olive skin. She was tall and slender and definitely had the posture of ome athletic cheerleader. Well of course she has to be beautiful to date Park Chanyeol. My eyes moved toward Chanyeol and I was surprised  to catch him looking at me. I quickly turned to my plate. Great, he's gonna think I was spying on him. I seriously wanted to report Baekhyun to our Discipline head Madame Yewon. She is a very strict teacher and head of Chemistry department. I really admire her. But then, I thought that it wasn't her responsibility what he does outside school.

After meal, everyone made way to there common rooms. As our Science group walked back chattering loudly, I tried to keep them together so that nobody wanders away especially the new comers. I spotted a couple under the staircase in the shadows. It was Chanyeol and Yoori kissing as if the world's fate depended on it. I couldn't help myself and called out to them to get their attention.

"Would you mind and find a room? Some of us would actually like to keep our food inside our stomachs." Junmyun was openly laughing this time at my uneasiness. Suddenly Baekhyun appeared by my side.

"Well then, don't let anybody see your face up close, madame, Its enough to make me throw up." He taunted and started laughing at his own silly joke. I was about to say something equally insulting when his best friend spoke up,

"I wouldn't piss her off if I were you Baek, She could still report you to Madame Yewon."

Baekhyun's grin widened, "Nah...She wouldn't dare do that, would she?" He punched my shoulder in a friendly way.

"Chanyeol's right. I could do that, you know" I said seriously. He just laughed and walked away.

Chanyeol's right? Wait a second. What did I just say? And did he just defend me in front of his best friend? This world is going crazy.

I was the first to get up for the first day of classes. I smiled to myself in the mirror as I brushed my ash-brown hair and tied it in a ponytail. It always looked like I had done highlights on it although I would never even dream of that. You couldn't exactly call me tall, I hardly reached 5'6. 

Our dormitory was a huge room and had 4 beds in it. Two of them belonged to Yumi and I. We shared the room with two twin sisters, Eunmi and Eunji. They loved to gossip and chatter that's why their friendship never attracted me. I looked at the local newspaper in our room and the head lines were: 'Kim Young Min once again charged of  Drug dealing in Seoul.'  I did read the full article as I frowned. I had read about this guy in my vacations too. He was getting pretty popular from all his wrong-doings. Why does his face look so familiar? But I shrugged it off and went down to the common room to get my class schedule. I had a different one from the others as I took more classes than my fellows. But what I did find out was very infuriating. 

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