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K so like don't kill me, I know it's been like 4000000 years but like I'm trying. I hope that you enjoy this Abby (MrsFutureHarryStyles) , if not contact me and I'll be sure to rewrite it if you'd like.

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Love you all!

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If somebody had told me I'd be in the same gas station with Harry Styles I would've punched them in the throat for getting my hopes up. But there he was, hair longer than Rapunzels and Ray Bans covering his beautiful green eyes. I held back a scream that threatened to erupt and walked up to him slowly as if he'd run away if I got too close. His back was to me as he browsed through the crisp section, picking up and dropping various bags with both eyebrows scrunched up in confusion.

As I thought of what approach would be best whilst making vivid facial expressions, Harry turned towards me and smiled, yet I hadn't even noticed-distracted by my own pre planning.

"Are you okay, love?" He asked, chuckling slightly at the donkey like expression on my face. I squeaked and took a step back, completely surprised.

Harry Styles actually acknowledged me first and I didn't have to get an air horn or scream out in fake agony.

"H-hi um I just wanted to tell you that I'm a big fan and um well wait w-who wouldn't be a big fan you guys are awesome um whoever doesn't like you guys obviously-"

"It's okay, I get it." He laughed which nearly made me squeal because of his famous dimples. "Do you want me to sign something babe?"

"W-well I don't exactly have anything because I wasn't planning to meet you here," I admitted sheepishly, feeling stupid after saying that out loud. I'd even left my phone in the fucking car.

"Hey don't worry, I got you," Harry stated, pulling out his phone. He put an arm over my shoulder and pulled me closer before snapping a few pictures. "How about you give me your number and I will make sure to send these to you so you can show all your friends...."

"Abby, my names Abby. And oh my god, sure!"

I quickly gave him my number, refraining from actually running away with his phone and soon after he unfortunately had to leave. The way my name rolled off his lips as Harry said goodbye was so hot I nearly jumped on him then and there. Was it physically possibly for someone to be that attractive?

Once in my car I then realized that I'd completely forgotten to buy gas in the store due to Harry's appearance. Groaning, I headed back in and paid, face red.

While the gas pumped my phone chimed with a new text. In it were the pictures from earlier, along with a few words after. There was an address to some restaurant in town and under that read:

Meet me here for dinner tonight? The pictures on my phone do no justice to your face in real life xx -H

(Totally something Harry would do, he signs his tweets H and it's like harry we know who you are.)

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