37: It ends in a week

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"Oh... Yeah." Clark nodded. "So... Should we paint the house?"

"Huh?" I turned around to look at him, accidentally watering my feet while doing it.

"Well look at it. The paint is old. Almost grey." Clark said pointing at the house.

"Yeah... You are right. And we are staying the whole weekend. I bet we could pull it off. Start today." I nodded.

"Okay. Let's do it."

So we started. We found paint at the barn and while I started painting low, Clark got a ladder and started from the top.

After an hour of work, I felt something drop on my head. "Hey!" I lifted my hand to my head and it came back white. "You're dripping paint on me."

"Oh sorry. I'm such a klutz." Clark said embarrassed and sorry.

"It's okay. One of many good qualities I like you for." I smiled. "I have to wash this off before it dries."

"Let me help you with that." Clark offered and came down the ladders.

"Are you trying to get into the shower with me?" I asked accusingly sending Clark a nasty look.

"I... Umh. I didn't mean. I just..." He awkwardly fidgeted and blushed to the shade of a tomato.

Bursting out laughing I gave Clark a kiss on the cheek. "You are so adorable."

"You can sit on that chair and I'll wash your hair with the gardening hose." He said and pointed to a wooden chair at the entrance of the barn.

"Okay." I sat down and leaned my head over the headrest so my hair was dangling on the other side.

When the water hit my hair I squirmed. It was freezing cold.

"Sorry..." Clark said almost as a whisper. He started rubbing my hair clean.

Slowly the water turned warmer and the feeling became almost soothing.

He ran his fingers through my hair and placed the water hose between his teeth so he could use both of his hands.

Even though my neck was in an uncomfortable position I wasn't complaining. "This is nice..." I mumbled halfway falling asleep.

Just as his hands were massaging my head his hands slowly froze.

I opened my eyes and saw him staring down at me.

"Clark..." I mumbled.

He was leaning in and my breath caught in my throat. When he was inches away and I could feel his breath on my face there was a huge crash from the house.

"Ma!" Clark dashed towards the house and I was left in that chair breathing hard and feeling light in the head.

'Did he... Almost kiss me?'

I got up and started walking to the house.

In the kitchen, Martha had broken a plate: "False alarm darling." Martha smiled at me.

"Oh good. I was really spooked when Clark started running like that. Thought something bad had happened." I said.

"Oh no. I'm just fine. Clark can be a little overprotective." Martha said fondly and looked at Clark who was sweeping the pieces of the porcelain plate from the floor.

"I've noticed." I chuckled.

"Has he done you wrong dear?" Martha asked, placing her hand on Clark's shoulder.

"No, he's just trying to protect me. I have a friend he doesn't like... It's a long story."

"Your hair is all wet dear. I wouldn't want you to get cold. Here dry it." Marta handed me a towel and I started rubbing my hair dry.


That night we finished a whole wall of the house and it looked great.

When we started retiring to bed Martha gave me a hug and told me to sleep in the guest room.

"How much longer Clark?" Martha suddenly asked.

"A week." He sighed, his voice sounding almost dead.

'What the hell is that about.' I wondered when I walked inside the house Clark and Martha following me behind. 'Is Clark in trouble at work?'

When I settled in bed I just couldn't sleep. I had grown accustomed to Clark's warmth and him tipping the mattress over with his weight. It was weird being alone. So I got out of bed and tiptoed over to the door, opening it to the hall and coming face to face with Clark, about to knock on my door.

"Oh..." I mumbled.

"You... Couldn't sleep either?" He asked after an awkward pause.

"Counting sheep didn't help." I chuckled.

Slowly nodding Clark took my hand and we snuggled comfortably into his bed. "What's over in a week?" I asked, my curiosity taking a hold of me when Clark turned off the light.

"Your internship..."

"Oh... I don't want it to be over." I was surprised at how much the idea of having to leave Daily Planet hurt me... How painful it was to think I wouldn't see Clark every day.

"We are still going to live together." He whispered, soothing my hair.

"Yeah." I agreed, feeling a little better.


Timeskip to Sunday


The house was painted and Martha was so grateful. We would not have been able to finish on time if she hadn't helped.

"Thank you, dear." Martha said to me, holding my hands while Clark loaded out things to the truck.

"Thank you for having me here. Such a lovely place." I said back with a smile.

"Oh, you are so polite. Do take care of Clark."

At that, I laughed: "I promise I will. It was lovely to meet you, Martha."

"You too dear, I hope... I hope I'll get to see you again." She said tears in her eyes.

"Oh don't cry, we'll visit again." I said and gave Martha a hug.

"Of course."

I climbed into the truck while Clark and Marta exchanged their goodbyes.

"See you soon Clark."

"See you soon ma."

Going back to Metropolis was unreal. I wished we could have stayed. If had been so calm living on the Kent farm and I liked Martha. She'd become a great friend. I hoped we'd go back soon.


So here ends another chapter.

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