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After a long day at the precinct, Gavin happily and groggily crashed onto the couch in his apartment immediately upon arriving. His stomach grumbled, begging to be fed and Gavin regretted skipping lunch to finish paperwork. Despite the begs of his body, Gavin was too tired to make any food.

He was about to pass out in the comfort of his couch when a series of calculated knocks broke his trance.

"Fuck... Who would be visiting at 11 in the fucking night?" Slowly, Gavin stood and opened the door, revealing a certain RK900 android with bright eyes.

Gavin's face scrunched into a grimace despite his elevated heart rate that Conan was fully aware of, "The fuck do you want at this time of the night, dipshit?"

"Detective, I noticed that you skipped lunch at the precinct today and drank more coffee than water. While that may have quickened your productivity temporarily, it will slow it down dramatically by tomorrow. I came to make sure that would not happen. We still have a lot of work and paper to get through, especially after the big solve of our previous case."

Gavin looked at Conan absent-mindedly before speaking, "So, you just knock on my door at 11 in the goddamn night just to tell me to eat?"

"Yes. Did you not hear me, Detec--"

"It's Gavin. My name is Gavin so use it for fuck's sake," Gavin opened the door wider as an invitation to let Conan in and walked away.

"Are you about to make dinner, Dete-- uh, Gavin?"

"Yeah, I'm hungry anyway..." he opened the fridge and cupboards, taking out numerous ingredients and utensils. Meanwhile, Conan made himself at home and scanned the apartment before taking a seat. Conan found that Gavin was a major cat person with the amount of cat hair lying around, he was a fan of classic bands that were rare to the new generation's ear and that he was a stellar student in high school and the police academy with trophies and badges decorating a shelf next to some old books.

Conan was confused as to why Gavin was acting with much less hostility as he would in their workplace. Maybe it was the tire that made him a little more human than a dick with a mouth and legs. With the newly installed and updated olfactory system and taste buds, Conan caught the scent of different spices being mixed together coming from the kitchen. He decided to stand up and see what Gavin had been cooking.

Upon entering the kitchen, Conan found Gavin with an apron on, cooking two slabs of steak along with boiling vegetables in a pot next to it. With the aroma of meat, vegetables and other spices, Conan found his mouth watering for the first time in his existence.

"Smells good, Gavin. I didn't know you knew how to cook," Conan piped up, making Gavin flinch.

"Jesus, Conan! Don't sneak up on me like that! And yeah, I know how to cook, I'm domesticated as fuck," Gabin boasted, with a hint of a smirk on his face. The small clue of cockiness lifted the fatigue off Gavin's face and made him seem more like a person. Conan found himself staring at Reed's face longer than he expected and quickly turned back to the delicious food.

Conan cleared his throat, "So, what's for dinner?"

"Steak and vegetables, what does it look like, idiot?" Gavin quirked an eyebrow at the unusual question. "Why, did you want to eat too?"

The android was flustered as he stuttered out a response, "Oh, uh, w-well... If you'll have me?"

Gavin spared him a glance, "What the fuck's wrong with you?"

Conan didn't know himself. Maybe the tiring day had got to him too. Or maybe it was the fact that Gavin looked so good in an apron as he flipped the steaks with expertise, checked on the vegetables and the way his face lit up in satisfaction after test-tasting certain ingredients. The android tried to regain his composure but no avail. Instead, he just moved to the cupboards and got out a couple of plates and cutlery. He didn't even let Gavin answer the dinner request before setting up the small table.

By the time Conan had finished arranging the table, Gavin has finished cooking and had set up the food of a large plate big enough for the two of them. Despite the fact that Gavin didn't even know Conan could eat, he still made some extra for him anyway.

Conan pensively took the seat opposite to his partner and waited for Gavin to take his seat. Reed arrived to the table holding a scotch and water and wasted no time in consuming the delicious food he'd just made. Meanwhile, Conan took his time savouring the taste and texture of the meat and vegetables.

"Wow, Gavin... This is really good," Conan talked through a mouth full of food and even groaned to satisfy Gavin's ego. Meanwhile, Gavin just scoffed and rolled his eyes but didn't deny the smile pulling the corners of his lips. As Conan filled himself with mouth full after mouth full of food, Gavin memorised and basked in every varying expression that Conan had on his face whenever he tasted the perfectly cooked meat and well seasoned vegetables.

Although Gavin would never admit it, he had nerves knotting in his stomach when Conan sat at the table and waited for Gavin to take his seat. But as Conan ate with gusto, the feeling was washed away and replaced with warmth pooling in his cheeks and the tips of his ears.

"Is something wrong, Gavin?" Conan asked, snapping Reed's gaze. Gavin quickly realised that he had been staring for too long and had stopped eating, and so, to shrug it off, Gavin continued his meal and half heartedly raised a shoulder at Conan. The android didn't take much of it and shrugged it off as well.

And so, the two ate in silence until they finished their dinner, with Conan showering Gavin in compliments for his cooking and Gavin blushing harder and acting more irrationally with every comment. Upon entering the kitchen once again, Gavin started stacking the dishes, only to be stopped by Conan.

"Please, allow me Gavin. Think of it as a thanks for the delicious food," Conan smiled genuinely that caused Gavin's mind to pause. By that point, Conan realised his effect on Gavin and used it to overcome his own nerves around him by teasing Reed with cheesy compliments, heart-fluttering smiles and the occasional (yet incredibly effective) wink or two. And so, Gavin stepped back and watched Conan wash the dishes with skill, despite it not being part of his programming.

After the android rinsed the final dish, he turned back to Gavin and leant against the counter with a smirk, "Well, it looks like you aren't the only domesticated one here."

The two men held intense eye contact for a few minutes until Conan realised what time it was amd how tired Gavin would be the next morning. Conan cleared his throat, reset his posture in his default and perfect pose and nodded to Gavin.

"Well, I should leave now so you can rest..." Conan said, despite the fact that he didn't want to leave Gavin, especially when he was unusually gentle and smiling. Gavin felt the same way and unconsciously told Conan through his body language by looking away pensively, which happened to be where the two sat to eat, but Conan knew it was far too early for both of them to be sleeping within the same parameters.

With that, Gavin sighed and lead the taller man to the front door where he would awkwardly greet his partner goodbye,  "So, uh, thanks for coming by... I needed that feed." He looked away again and scratched his neck. Conan smiled at Reed's sudden shyness and decided to take a risk by moved closer. Gavin first felt the warmth of the android enveloping him before Conan fully wrapped his arms around him. Not knowing what to do, Gavin stood there for a moment but eventually realised that Conan really was hugging him and wrapped his arms around the android just as tightly, burrying his face into the crook of his neck. He breathed in the subtle and clean aroma of Conan and felt their heartbeats syncing to the same quick pace as they held sach other for a few minutes before breaking apart.

Conan gave Gavin a soft yet heartwrenching smile, "I hoped you enjoyed that just as much as I did, Gavin. I'll see you bright and early tomorrow." And left Reed to fully process what had just happened.

When Gavin finally came to terms with it, he sank to his knees and hugged himself, smiling like an idiot. His heart was still racing and the tips of his ears were still burning.

He certainly got a good night's rest with the thought and feeling of him and Conan molding their bodies in a tight and precious hold. However, one thought sat at the back of his mind that would continue to pester him in the most inconvenient of times, was Conan talking about the meal or the hug?

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