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       what's going with me?!?!?

  both Minho and jisung woke up late today which made jisung panick  "YAH!!LET ME IN LEE MINHO" jisung shouted at the older frustrated because of Minho they are late to school.

suddenly Minho came out the bathroom only a towel on his waist making the looking squirrel flustered "I-I'll go t-take a shower" the younger said as he ran fast to the bathroom.

(At school)
Both Minho and jisung were running fast to class jisung kept pushing Minho so he goes in first but lucky for jisung Minho pushes him away and ran into the class "I WIN!!" "No fairrr" the younger said.

Suddenly they heard someone clear his throat so they looked to see who it is and they were greeted by an angry teacher. Oh shit this will be long ass talk jisung thought.

"Any explanation mr Han and mr lee?" The teacher said crossing his hands. "Will-" "detentions after school you two now go sit down" the teacher commanded and both sat down eyeing each other giggling.

After school both sat in the detention room quietly because damn who would say a word when there is a grumpy teacher who's watching? Anyways right now Minho and jisung were just glancing at each other the younger didn't know why but his heart kept beating fast every time the older glanced at him.

What is this feeling why do I feel butterflies in my stomach this is soo weird please go away jisung thought as he looked everywhere but not Minho "hey jisung!!"the older called making the younger immediately look at him "yes?" Suddenly the older smirked making the younger flustered yet nervous "I dare you.." oh no not again jisung thought.

"I dare you to kiss the one you love"the older dared making the younger gulp nervously "sure it would be fun" OH NO NOT AGAIN WHAT'S GOING ON WITH ME FUCK YOU HAN JISUNG FUCK YOU AND YOUR STUPID MIND!!!

Sorry for not posting it before school is thought and I was too lazy welp not really but school is tiring so yea sorry I will post next week so stay tuned thanks for everyone who read this from the start and waited for me

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