Tutor Me (Winwin)

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You found a cozy corner of the library to wait for Winwin.  You found yourself doodling while you waited, whipping up a cartoon sketch of you holding up a mountain of homework as if you were Atlas.

"That's really cool," someone said, taking a seat next to you, and you quickly covered up your drawing with your hands.

"Oh, um, thanks," you smiled shyly, unable to look the boy in the eyes.

"How long have you been drawing?"

You relaxed a little.  Doodling was the one thing that made you feel better whenever you were down.  "Probably since middle school.  When things never worked out with my studies, I would always go home and doodle."

"So, you're frustrated with your studies?  Are things not working out?"

Even though you didn't know this guy, he was so easy to talk to.  "I just failed my biology exam, and I'm supposed to be meeting up with my tutor right about now.  I hope he can help me figure out what I'm doing wrong."

The boy stuck out his hand after pushing his circular-framed glasses up his nose.  "Nice to meet you.  I'm Winwin."

Your jaw almost dropped in disbelief.  Your tutor was this cool guy?

"No need to be nervous.  You told me you liked drawing, and that gives me a hint of different things we can try to help you do better in biology.  You're definitely a visual learner, that's for sure."

You weren't sure what you had said that Winwin thought was helpful, but you decided to roll with it.  Slowly, you pulled out your notes and the test you'd failed.  Winwin looked over the questions that had stumped you and nodded.

"I think I know exactly how to solve your problem.  I'm guessing you tried memorizing all this?  And it was hard to keep it straight?"

"How'd you know?!"  You were shocked because that was exactly your problem.  You had spent so much time trying to memorize every single word and every single phrase, but you ended up confusing things on the test.

"Because once upon a time, I was in the same spot as you.  You and I are kinda alike in some ways.  I'm also a visual learner, so it'll be easy to teach you some of my tricks.  First off, let's try drawing out your notes.  Instead of writing down everything that happens in the mitochondria, draw it."

It sounded crazy but crazy enough that it just might work.  You picked up your pencil, eagerly sketching out a cartoon version of the cell.  When you were finished, Winwin took the paper and turned it upside down.

"Now tell me about everything you just drew," he said, and you smiled because weirdly enough, you were able to recall it all.

"Well, we've been here for a good two hours.  How about we call it a day and meet up sometime this weekend?" Winwin suggested.

You looked at the time on your phone and realized he was right.  Those two hours had really flown by.  Studying had never seemed like so much fun to you until now.  You almost didn't want to leave.

"Sure.  Um, you can come over if you want.  You just let me know what time works best for you, and I'll text you my address."

Winwin handed you your notes.  "Awesome!  Try doing a little studying on your own, and then we'll see what you've learned when we meet up this weekend." 

When the weekend arrived, you were excited to show Winwin what you had learned.  And for some reason, you wanted him to be proud of you.  The more you thought of Winwin, the more you liked him.  Your cheeks would turn pink, and you'd smile without even knowing.

You heard the doorbell ring, and you jumped up to answer it.  Winwin stood there with that calming smile on his face and his backpack hanging off one shoulder.  

"Hey," you smiled.

"Did you study?"

You nodded eagerly.  "I actually studied a lot.  We can go to my room, and I can show you what I worked on."

You turned on your heel, missing Winwin raising his eyebrows before relishing in your innocence and grinning stupidly as he followed you to your room.  He stood awkwardly, almost opting to sit on the floor when you patted the spot next to you on the bed where all your notebooks were.

"You can sit here.  There's enough room for both of us." 

Winwin smiled, but on the inside, he was trembling.  He'd never been this close to a girl before, and he had to admit, you had one of the best personalities he'd ever seen.  When teachers asked him to tutor, he often felt like he had to rather than wanted  to, but this time, he really wanted to help you.

You pulled out the flashcards you'd made, each with intricate doodles on them.  Winwin was blown away by how much time and energy you had put into making these.  They were beautiful.

Immediately, you began explaining what was on each notecard, and Winwin smiled at you proudly.  Just a few days ago, you had been so lost and confused.  And now here you were, teaching him things even he didn't know.

"Your attention to detail is actually incredible," he commented, and he wasn't sure if he was seeing correctly, but if he was, you were blushing.  "I think we found your new study method."

You grinned.  "I really think so, too."

Winwin thought for a second before pushing his glasses up his nose and facing you.  "The next biology exam is in two days.  If you get an A, I'll give you a present."

For some reason, that gave you just the motivation you needed.  The present could even be a paperclip, but you were going to get it from Winwin.  

The day of the exam rolled around.  You were beyond nervous.  But you were determined to get an A.  You took the exam, surprised at how much you were able to remember just from drawing out your notes.  The same subject that had stumped you and made you want to give up had now become so easy.

Your teacher graded the exams and handed them back the next morning.  You held your breath as she stood in front of your desk, handing your paper back to you.  She smiled at you, giving you a thumbs up, and you slowly flipped the paper over, peeking at the grade.

A 100?!?!?!!!  At first, you weren't sure if that grade was yours, but that "100" was printed right next to your name.  You were still smiling stupidly when you met Winwin that afternoon at your house.  You were jumping up and down when you told him how well you had done, and he felt his heart melt slightly.  You were adorable.

"So what's my present?" you asked, holding out your hand, ready for him to hand you a paperclip.  

Instead, Winwin placed his hand in yours.  "Date me."


A/N: First off, I'm so sorry for taking so long on these imagine requests!!  I've had so many exams, and I've been writing every chance I get.  If you have requested, I promise I haven't forgotten about you.  It's just taking me a while to write them :)  Thanks @BecuzOfKwon for requesting a Winwin imagine!  He killed me in the comeback teaser!!!

Question of the imagine: So... I guess I was inspired to write this one because of all the exams I've been taking lately.  It actually took me a long time to figure out the best way for me to study and remember all that info.  But how do you guys like to study?  For me, I always listen to inspiring music and take notes and study.  Sometimes, having a snack helps me too :)

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