Tutor Me (Winwin)

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You slammed your textbook shut, unable to absorb anymore information. You weren't sure why you needed to know why the mitochondria was the powerhouse of the cell when you weren't planning on going anywhere near science in the future. But, what was your future? Ever since you entered high school, you felt drowned by the talent you were surrounded by. At least when you were younger, you had an imagination to deal with your problems and escape reality. Now, you had lost even that.

The teacher clapped her hands for everyone's attention. "I'll be handing back the biology test you took last week. Some of you did exceptionally well while others, well, not so much."

Your heart started pounding in your chest as your teacher handed you back your test paper. Slowly, you turned it over, paling at the grade scribbled across the top. To make matters worse, there was even a note at the top, saying "see me after class." You groaned, tangling your fingers in your hair as you lay your head down on your desk.

The class filed out, leaving you behind with your teacher. She made her way over to you, a disappointed look painted on her face. You swallowed the lump at the back of your throat as she stopped in front of your desk.

"Y/N," she started, "your test scores weren't the best.  How much time did you prepare studying for this exam?"

You bit your lip.  It was embarrassing that you had failed.  It was even worse that you had started studying a week in advance, even skipping meals and cutting back on sleep to learn the material.  You had tried your absolute hardest.  But no matter how much effort you put in, you were still a failure.

"I spent a lot of time studying, so I'm really upset that I failed this badly," you mumbled.

The teacher smiled.  "Sometimes, studying longer isn't as good as studying effectively.  And right now, I don't think you've found the right method to help you learn and absorb all that information."

You nodded.  "I guess.  So what do you suggest I try?"

"A tutor.  I have someone in mind.  His name is Winwin.  He never scores less than a 98 on all his exams, so he must have good tricks for studying well.  I think you could really benefit from this."

You didn't have anything to lose, so you agreed without hesitation.  You thought that having a tutor couldn't be that bad.

"Perfect!  If you want, you can start today afternoon!  Your tutor's name is Winwin.  He has the best grades in the senior class."

You sorted through your list of people you knew or had heard of.  That name didn't sound familiar.  "Um, I should be free after school."

"Here's his number.  He said to text him whenever and wherever you want to meet up," the teacher handed you a slip of paper.  "I hope this helps you."

You stared at the number printed neatly on the paper before thanking your teacher and leaving.  You didn't have plans after school, and part of you wanted to meet Winwin and get started with this tutoring.  The other half of you wanted to go home, cry, and eat a tub of ice cream while binging a K-drama.  As if your life wasn't dramatic enough.  You knew that if you kept on failing your tests like this, you'd never get into any university, let alone your dream one.

Reluctantly, you texted the number scrawled on the paper, and were surprised by how quickly Winwin responded.

You: Hey, I'm Y/N.  I'm the kid who needs tutoring, and I have some time right now.  Want to meet up at the school library?

Winwin: Sure!  I'm headed there.  

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