♡Through It All♡

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You stared at the pregnancy test in your hand, a shocked expression on your face. You set the test down, beginning to fiddle with your wedding ring aimlessly. Your husband, Michael, was out for rehearsals - making you more nervous than you should have been.

A part of you was happy that you were pregnant, but there was another part of you that was scared. Despite the fact that you and Michael had been married for over a year - the two of you had agreed to wait until the time was right.

At present moment, you were in college - and school work was stressing you out.

You continued to sit there, shaking your head. You were pregnant. You were seated at the edge of the large bed, thinking of what to do next.

Several minutes passed before you stood up, grabbing your bag. You had a class that you needed to attent, and so you stuffed the pregnancy test into your handbag before walking out.


The professor spoke as you listened, along with several other students that occupied the lecture theater. It was the last class of the day, and beside you, sat your best friend - Monica. She giggled as you groaned, desperately wanting the lecture to be over.

"Note this down," the professor instructed everyone. The students all began to bring out their notebooks.

You picked up your bag and began to fish for a pen. Eventually, you managed to find one - but your pregnancy test popped up as well.

Monica gasped when she saw this, grabbing the item and staring at it. Your eyes widened and you froze. Monica stared at the test for a long moment before looking up at you.

"You're pregnant?" she whispered.

You opened your mouth to say something in response, but the professor cleared his throat.

"If you're going to keep talking in my class, the door is there," he gestured to the exit.

Tears filled your eyes as you grabbed your bag and stormed out of the theater. Everything had come to a head, and you were at your breaking point. Panicking was something that you were very much used to.

As you continued to walk along the path, you heard a series of footsteps approaching from behind you.

"(Y/N)!" you heard Monica's voice, making you turn around. She still had your pregnancy test in her hand, and she wore a stern expression. "(Y/N), come on," she sighed. "We're supposed to be best friends," she shook her head. "Why didn't you tell me about this?"

"Because I found out this morning," you blinked back the tears. "This baby wasn't planned, and I don't know how Michael's going to react when he finds out,"

Monica stayed silent, studying your expression. After a moment, she moved closer to you - pulling you in for a warm embrace. The tears streamed down your face as she rubbed your back.

"I'm sure Michael will understand," she whispered after pulling away. "Are you...going to keep it?" she questioned softly.

"Yes," you nodded. "It may not be planned but...this life inside of me is innocent," you sniffled.

You placed your hand over your stomach before you felt a sharp pain shooting through your lower abdomen. You groaned and bent over, clutching the area that hurt. Monica gasped and put her hands on your back.

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