Chapter 37 | The Great Unknown

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"Achilles?! Really?"

My green eyes met Xiana's furious ones, giving a small smile. Her ears were red and her nise scruncged up in anger. She huffed and turned her back muttering about stupidity and reklessness, all which decribes me.

"That, technically, isn't a lie."I said. And went back to fixing the stuff I needed for the forsaken quest. "My second name IS Achilles. Plus, why are you so angry with me?"

Alright, dick move. I know.

I knew why she was angry, but can you blame me for wanting to relieve some stress? So many things had happened all at once and I didn't want to succumb to nothingness again.

Xiana whipped around with a grimace and growled from her throat. I raised my hands up in surrender. She raised her hands and showed her claws, challenging to piss her off more.

"Xia, look. Calm down."I said, sighing afterwards.

"CALM DOWN?! One minute you were having an attack and then another you're making quips and jokes like everything is okay!"she shouted, but she closed her eyes and breathed. "Look, I just want to understand what's happening..."

I sighed, "I will tell you once I figure out myself."

We stared at each other's eyes. She opened her mouth before closing it back and I could barely see her cheeks tint with red before looking away starkly. She bared her teeth and shook her head.

I smiled at her concern and anger. Xiana is a friend, a very good friend.
She always has something to be angry with about me but behind that emotion I could see her worry and her fear. So, I stood up and pulled her close. "I'm sorry."

I felt her stiffen at my touch. I frowned when I felt her heartbeat louder. She hesitantly placed her arms atound me too. She sighed into me and shook her head. "Just don't mess up like you always do."

I smirked a little bit.

I let her go after a few seconds and continued fixing my stuff. Xiana stared at me. She was probably still wondering about my sudden change of mood. Something I really couldn't understand either. Then, she suddenly blurted out, "Are you gonna tell them?"

And I, though knowing perfectly well why she'd say that, still asked, "What do you mean?"

She growled in frustration."I mean...are you going to tell the gods and half-bloods that you're Percy Jackson?"

I stopped moving for a minute; contemplating it. ."Probably. I mean, I can't fulfill the prophecy if I'm not inroduced. They wouldn't trust me."

It was something I definitely wasn't looking forward to.

Xiana nodded, satisfied with the answer. "And the Alpha?"

I grinned, "I guess you'll have to take care of that."I simply said and shouldered my bag.

"WHAT?!"she screamed.

But I was already gone.


I was deep in thought as I passed the Lares, who were whispering to each other. Most of them were giving me the stink eye, but as I said, I was deep in thought.

I could have thought about Chiron's slowly declining health. Or Hazel's suspicious look when I said my middle name. I could even think about the trouble we'll be facing when we finally told the Alpha Sector everything.

But all I could about was her.


Seeing her was different than thinking of her, remembering her. As I thought of her now, and all the years back then, all I could think of was the pain she caused me. Remembering her made me feel so weak and so vulnerable. Enemies could use her to get to me. She was the pain I knew I could never heal from.

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