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You sat in front of the mirror on your dressing table, brushing your hair. A sigh escaped your lips as you glanced at your watch, noting that the time was eight thirty. The morning was bright, and it gave you hope for the rest of the day. Your wedding ring glistened along with your hand movements, and after a moment - you heard the bedroom door open.

Your husband, Daniel, walked in. He had a tired look on his face as he tossed his briefcase onto the floor. He looked at you, and you could tell that he had been drinking all night. However, this behavior wasn't news to you.

For three years, you had been married to Daniel Peterson, a successful businessman. Your marriage, however, was far from successful. You see, Daniel was a violent man - and since you were his wife, you had become a victim of domestic abuse.

Many times, you had walked out - but each time, he would manipulate you, and you'd go back to him. He always claimed that he loved you, yet - his actions said otherwise.

You looked away from Daniel, turning back to study your reflection again. There were bruises along your neck, but since you worked as a makeup artist - hiding the marks wasn't a problem for you.

Your job was your pride, you loved what you did. You worked closely with Michael Jackson, and the team at work always treated you like family. However, no one knew what Daniel was doing to you, and you intended to keep it that way.

You stood up and grabbed your bag, making your way toward the bedroom door. As you reached it, Daniel grabbed your wrist - twisting your arm.

"Get me a glass of water," he commanded you, making you scoff.

"Get it yourself," you spat, making Daniel release your arm. You thought you could walk away, but he quickly struck you across the face - hard.

Your lip began to bleed, making you curse under your breath.

"When I tell you to do something...you do it," he snarled, making you a tad bit frightened.

"I'll ask Cara to get it," you blinked back the tears, referring to the wonderful house maid. "I'm late for work," you struggled to hold back your sobs as you walked out of the bedroom.

Once you shut the door behind you, the tears began to run down your face as you rushed down the staircase. You walked into the kitchen, where Cara was cooking.

She had her back turned toward you, but when she heard you - she spun around.

"Ma'am?" she frowned, walking up to you. "Are you okay?"

Cara knew of Daniel's outbursts - but she had never witnessed him in the act.

"Yes," you lied, blinking rapidly. "Please get Daniel a glass of water. He's up in the bedroom,"

With that, you turned around to leave - but Cara touched your shoulder.

"Ma'am," she whispered. "Is everything okay?"

You said nothing, pulling away and walking out of the kitchen. At this point, you couldn't wait to get to work.


As you walked into the large studio, you were greeted by Karen.

"(Y/N)!" she exclaimed, running up to you and hugging you. You laughed a little, wincing a bit as well. You were bruised all along your ribs, and the force of Karen's hug hurt a little. When she pulled away, she frowned. "What are those?" she pointed at the bruises along your neck. Your eyes widened when you realized that you had forgotten to cover the marks up.

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