♡In The Moment♡

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☆Dangerous Era☆

A sigh escaped your lips as you looked at your reflection in the full length mirror before you. Your eyes were sad, and no matter how hard you tried to smile - you just looked tired. Currently, you were getting ready to go and meet your fiancé, Adam Davidson.

Your mother was waiting for you downstairs, in the living room. In all truth, you didn't want to go to this particular meeting. Despite the fact that you were about to be married to Adam, you didn't love the man. His father, Roger, and your mother had decided to create an alliance between you and Adam.

Your mother had begged you to agree to the marriage, mainly because Roger's family was extremely wealthy.

You were only eighteen, and you wanted to live your life - but at the same time, you couldn't bear to see your mother upset.

It was a difficult situation.

As you ran your hands over your blue dress, you heard the room door open. You looked up to see your mother, standing at the doorway.

"You look beautiful," she remarked, making you smile a little.

"Thanks, mom," you laughed before walking over to the bed to grab your purse.

"Adam won't be able to keep his eyes off of you," your mother smiled as you walked up to her, shutting your room door behind you.

"Well let's hope that he keeps his hands off of me," you raised your eyebrows before leading the way down the staircase. "Now let's go and get this meeting over with, shall we?"


Upon walking into the restaurant, you gained the attention of everyone in the room - mainly because of how beautiful you looked. You were a sight to behold.

With a shy smile, you approached the lady at the counter.

"Hi, we have a reservation," you spoke. "Under the name, Davidson,"

"Very well," the lady nodded as she led the way. "Mr. Adam, and Roger, are already seated," she added before the table came into sight.

The lady informed you that she'd be back to take your orders once you were all ready, then, she disappeared.

Roger shook your hand before greeting your mother, and Adam kissed your cheek. You faked a smile as you all sat down. You were far from happy.

"My dear," Roger cleared his throat, looking at you. "I must admit that you are simply stunning!" he laughed. "Adam, here, is a very lucky man,"

"That, I am," Adam grinned, making you laugh slightly.

"Now," Roger added. "Let's decide what to eat!"


Several hours passed, and the conversation was practically boring you to death. Adam wasn't a very smart man, so most of what he said really didn't make sense. With each minute that passed, you began to feel more uneasy.

Your mother, however, was conversing fluently with Roger. She would constantly fake smiles, making you roll your eyes every now and then.

With a sigh, you stood up - making Adam and Roger stand up as well.

"Excuse me," you cleared your throat. "I just need some...fresh air," you looked at your mother before turning around, making your way out of the restaurant.

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